Bristol’s Lost Pubs

White Hart Inn

1830. William Price
1839 – 41. Thomas Young
1851. George J. Knight
1852. Michael Pingstone
1854 – 74. William Parsons
1873 – 78. Hannah Parsons
1881 – 84. George Pamplin Gibbs
1887 – 94. John Davis
1896. Isaac Smith
1901. William H. Purnell
1903 – 05. Charles Butt
1910. Hedley Board
1911. William Frederick Smith
1922 – 30. David Mullens
1938. Edith Mullins
1960. D. T. J. Brook

Census 1841.

Thomas Young 70, victualler, not born in county
Martha Young 55, born in county
Elizabeth Young 25, not born in county
Thomas Young 10, born in county
John (surname not known) 40, ostler, not born in county

Census 1851.

George J. Knight 36, head married, victualler, Gloucestershire Chipping Sodbury
Emily Knight 27, wife married, inn keeper’s wife, Gloucestershire Chipping Sodbury
James Knight 6, son scholar, Gloucestershire Bitton
Oriell Knight 4, son scholar, Gloucestershire Bitton
Thomas Knight 2, son, Gloucestershire Bitton
John Smith 44, servant unmarried, ostler, Gloucestershire Bitton
Eliza Prewett 18, servant unmarried, barmaid, Bristol
Betsy Batt 16, servant unmarried, house servant, Gloucestershire Syston

Census 1861.

William Parsons 42, head married, victualler & farmer of 60 acres, Somerset Publow
Hannah Parsons 43, wife married, victualler & farmer’s wife, Gloucestershire Siston
James Parsons 18, son unmarried, farmer’s son, Gloucestershire Siston
Martha Parsons 16, daughter unmarried, Gloucestershire Bitton
Sarah A. Parsons 14, daughter, Gloucestershire Bitton
Henrietta Parsons 10, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire Bitton
George Parsons 8, son, scholar, Gloucestershire Bitton
William Parsons 6, son , scholar, Gloucestershire Bitton
Hannah Parsons 5, daughter, scholar, Gloucestershire Bitton
Albert Parsons 2, son, scholar, Gloucestershire Bitton
Mary Ann Parsons 4 months, daughter, Gloucestershire Bitton
Sarah Walter 21, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Gloucestershire Westerleigh
John Webber 53, lodger unmarried, horse man, Gloucestershire

Census 1871.

William Parsons 52, head married, licensed victualler & farmer of 54 acres of land, Somerset Publow
Hannah Parsons 53, wife married, Gloucestershire Siston
George Parsons 19, son unmarried, farmers son, Gloucestershire Bitton
Hannah Parsons 16, daughter unmarried, Gloucestershire Bitton
Albert Parsons 12, son, Gloucestershire Bitton
Mary Ann Parsons 10, daughter, Gloucestershire Bitton
Albert Oliver 3, visitor, Gloucestershire Bitton
John Dix 19, servant unmarried, indoor farm servant, Gloucestershire Wick
Ann Gay 18, servant unmarried, general domestic servant, Gloucestershire Siston

Census 1881.

George Pamplin Gibbs 27, head married, licensed victualler, Gloucestershire Wick & Abson
Mary Catherine Gibbs 33, wife married, licensed victualler’s wife, Gloucestershire Upton Cheyney
Horace Hutchinson Bourne 45, boarder unmarried, clerk & mining engineer, St.George’s Bloomsbury Middlesex

Census 1891.

John M. Davis 31, head married, inn keeper & farmer, Wiltshire Colerne
Mary C. Davis 43, wife married, Gloucestershire Upton Cheyney
Sarah E. Davis 3, daughter, Gloucestershire Bitton
Sarah Davis 33, sister single, Somerset St.Catherine’s

Census 1901.

William H. Purnell 33, head married, licensed victualler, Barrow Gurney Somerset
Agnes A. Purnell 29, wife married, Nempnett Somerset
Herbert T. B. Purnell 8, son, Barrow Somerset
Olive L. Purnell 6, daughter, Barrow Somerset
Arthur W. Purnell 5, son, Long Ashton Somerset
Agnes L. Purnell 4, daughter, Long Ashton Somerset
Florence J. Purnell 3, daughter, Long Ashton Somerset
Frances Warford 19, servant single, general domestic servant, Nempnett Somerset

Census 1911.

William Frederick Smith 27, head married, licensed victualler, Middlesex Hamstead
Frederick John Smith 49, father married, fireman pensioner, Kent Dartford
Annie Smith 46, mother married, Worcestershire Worcester
Cuthbert William Hughes Smith under 5 months, Gloucestershire Bitton
Alice Elizabeth Smith 25, sister single, florist, Middlesex Chelsea
Arthur George Williams 32, boarder, brother in law single, Worcestershire Malvern
Edith Annie Garrett 14, servant, domestic nurse, Somerset Pensford