Bristol’s Lost Pubs

General Draper Hotwell Road

1806 – 23. Charles Wathen
1826 – 50. James Rogers
1851 to 1852. Joseph Rogers
1853 – 58. Thomas Pottinger
1860 – 61. Robert H. Jones
1863. Thomas Reay
1865 – 78. Richard Bodley
1879 – 89. Elizabeth Hedges
1891 – 1901. Jane Pegler
1904 – 06. Charles Lloyd
1909 – 28. Albert Edward Leaman
1931. Ernest Barto
1935 – 37. James Brown
1944 – 56. Leopold John Franklin
1960. James Ridler

Bristol’s Lost Pubs collection

On the corner with Hinton Lane the General Draper was rebuilt in the 1890s and removed for road widening in 1964. This picture was taken in the early 1950s. The corner of Hinton Lane in the 1890’s, these buildings were soon to be demolished with only the General Draper being re-built.

Census 1841.

James Rogers 45, victualler, born in county
Mary Rogers 35, not born in county
Joseph Rogers 15, wheelwright’s apprentice, born in county
John Cordy 20, independent means, not born in county

Census 1851.

Joseph Rogers 24, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol Clifton
Mary Jane Rogers 27, wife married, Bristol St Augustine
Mary Jane Rogers 1, daughter, Clifton
Elizabeth Rogers 9, sister scholar, Clifton
Elizabeth Nurse 22, servant, Dundry
Eliza Collins 17, Servant, Gloucestershire St Georges
Richard Hayes 52, visitor, Gloucestershire St Georges

Census 1861.

Robert Jones 53, head married, licensed victualler, Gloucestershire Hanham
Mary Jones 53, wife married, Gloucestershire Hanham
Samuel Jones 35, son unmarried, boiler maker, Gloucestershire Hanham
Robert Jones 23, son married, boiler maker, Gloucestershire Hanham
Sophia Jones 25, daughter in law, Cornwall Forpoint
George Jones 21, son unmarried, boiler maker, Gloucestershire Bristol
Henry Jones 18, son unmarried, engine fitter, Gloucestershire Bristol
Walter Jones 9, son scholar, Gloucestershire Bristol
Harriet S. Jones 3, grandaughter, Devon Plymouth
William Jones, grandson, Gloucestershire Bristol
Henry Williams 22, lodger unmarried, boiler maker, Gloucestershire Bristol

Census 1871.

Richard L. Bodley 44, head married, publican, London Middlesex
Elizabeth Bodley 37, wife married, Bristol
Alfred Bodley 16, son, clerk to wine merchant, Bristol
Lilly Bodley 12, daughter scholar, Bristol
William Taplin 18, servant, domestic servant,Bristol
Sarah Avery 16, servant, domestic servant, Bristol

Census 1881.

Elizabeth A. Hedges 38, head unmarried, licensed victualler, Bristol
Emily J. Amblett 25, barmaid unmarried, barmaid, Bristol
Eva M. A. Gotley 20, barmaid unmarried, barmaid, Bristol
Mable W. Lando 8, cousin, scholar, Clifton

Census 1891.

Jane Pegler 42, head married, licensed victualler, St.Michael’s Bristol
Percival Pegler 17, son single, clerk in solicitor’s office, St.Stephen’s Bristol
Lily Pegler 14, daughter, Clifton
Florence Pegler 12, daughter, Clifton
Jane Amos 8, adopted daughter, London
Sarah Paseley 25, servant single, general help, Yatton Somersetshire
Kate Ellaway 18, servant single, domestic servant, St.Augustine’s Bristol

Census 1901.

Jane Pegler 47, head widow, licensed victualler, Bristol
Florence Pegler 22, daughter single, help at home, Bristol Clifton

Census 1911.

Albert Edward Leaman 39, head married, licensed victualler, Fleetwood Lancashire
Maude Leaman 31, wife married, assisting in business, Chepstow
Eveline Grace Victoria Leaman 16, daughter single, barmaid, Glasgow Scotland
Maude Emma Grace Leaman 3, daughter, Bristol
Frederick Albert Edward Leaman 2, son, Bristol
Lilly Nicholls 22, servant single, domestic servant and barmaid, Tetbury Gloucestershire

The corner of Hinton Lane in the 1890’s, these buildings were soon to be demolished with only the General Draper being re-built.