Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Gloucester Hotel Rownham Place
At the bottom of Granby Hill, pictured here in the 1930s the building survives today but is no longer a pub.

1849 – 75. Henry Marshall
1876. Joseph Hazell
1877. Samuel Gallop
1878. A. Berry
1879. William Burns Wallace
1881 to 82. Matthew Lewis
1883. William Watts
1883 to 1885. Sarah Watts
1886. Mrs. S. Garnsworthy
1887. Samuel Rogers
1888 – 89. Richard Hancock
1891. Albert Goldsworthy
1892. Jeffrey Alcock
1896. Caroline Brimble
1899 – 1904. William Slaymaker
1906. Leonora Ellery
1909 – 11. Leonora Matheson
1914 – 31. Mabel Lewis
1932 to 1946. Mervyn Alec Melksham
1946. Dorothy May Melksham
1946 – 53. Dorothy May Griffiths
1954 – 55. Dennis Pike

Dennis Pike spent six months at the Gloucester Hotel, and was the pub’s last Landlord. Dennis, who afterwards ran the Portcullis in Chipping Sodbury, was the Grandfather of Ed Evans, who kindly provided this information.
The tenancy of Mervyn Melksham commenced on the 14th September 1932, the annual rent was £45. In 1946 the rent paid by Dorothy Melksham was also £45 per annum, the landlord was The Bristol Brewery Georges & Co. Ltd.

Census 1851.

Henry Marshall 39, head married, livery stable keeper & publican, London
Sarah Marshall 38, wife married, Bristol
William Marshall 15, son, assistant, Bristol
Mary Marshall 8, daughter scholar, Bristol
Elisa Fry 19, servant unmarried, servant, Hanham Gloucestershire
James Jenkins 46, servant married, servant, Gloster

Census 1861.

Henry Marshall 49, head married, cab proprietor, Chelsea London
Sarah Marshall 40, wife married, Somerset Brislington
William Marshall 24, son unmarried, Gloucestershire Westbury on Trym
Rosa Marshall 21, daughter unmarried, Gloucestershire Westbury on Trym
Mary Marshall 18, daughter unmarried, Gloucestershire Westbury on Trym
Alfred Marshall 15, son, Bristol Clifton
Ellen Marshall 6, daughter, Bristol Clifton
Mary Hill 20, servant unmarried, house servant, Bristol Clifton

Census 1871.

Henry Marshall 58, head married, cab proprietor, London Middlesex
Sarah Marshall 57, wife married, cab proprietor’s wife, Brislington Somerset
William Henry Marshall 34, son unmarried, commercial clerk, Westbury Gloucestershire (blind in one eye)
Alfred Marshall 25, son unmarried, commercial traveller, Clifton Bristol
Elizabeth Masters 15, servant unmarried, general servant, Bedminster Bristol
Ellen Marshall 16, daughter unmarried, scholar, Hotwells Bristol
Mary Eliza Riseley 27, daughter married, Westbury Gloucestershire
Mary Augusta Riseley 3, grandaughter, Bristol
Kate Riseley 1, grandaughter, Bristol

Census 1881.

Mathew C. Lewis 42, head married, licensed victualler, Monmouthshire
Sarah Lewis 41, wife married, licensed victualler’s wife, Monmouthshire
Blanch M. Lewis 16, daughter unmarried, Glamorganshire Cardiff
John T. Lewis 15, son, wine merchant’s clerk, Glamorganshire Cardiff
Leonard Lewis 13, son scholar, Glamorganshire Cardiff
Walter R. Lewis 10, son scholar, Glamorganshire Cardiff
Rose O. Lewis 9, daughter scholar, Glamorganshire Cardiff
Gwendoline Lewis 6, daughter scholar, Glamorganshire Llandaff
Winifred Lewis 5, daughter scholar, Glamorganshire Llandaff
Philip E. Lewis 3, son, Glamorganshire Llandaff
Hilda Lewis 2, daughter, Glamorganshire Llandaff
Davinia H. Crout 17, servant unmarried, general servant, Gloucestershire Westbury

Census 1891.

Albert G. Goldworthy (sic) 38, head married, licensed victualler, Churchford Devonshire
Elizabeth Goldworthy 35, wife married, Taunton Somersetshire
George Thomas Goldworthy 9, son scholar, St.Philip’s Bristol
Ada Goldsworthy 8, daughter scholar, St.Philip’s Bristol
Frederick Goldsworthy 6, son scholar, St.Philip’s Bristol
Rosina Goldsworthy 3, daughter, St.James Bristol
Alice Downs 16, servant single, general domestic servant, St.Philip’s Bristol

Census 1901.

William Slaymaker 55, head married, licensed victualler, Berkshire Maidenhead
Matilda Slaymaker 49, wife married, Gloucestershire Westbury
Ellen Young 36, sister in law single, milliner, Bristol
Charles Rossiter 53, boarder married, brushmaker, Bristol

Census 1911.

Rodrick Matheson 31, head married, baker, Ross & Cromarty Stornaway
Leonora Matheson 36, wife married, licensed victualler, Egloshayle Cornwall
Violet Blanche Hazelhurst 25, boarder single, barmaid, Elton Bury Lancashire