Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Nova Scotia Hotel Nova Scotia Place, Cumberland Road

1843. Daniel Divine
1847 – 49. William Britton
1851 – 53. Nathaniel Richards
1854. Thomas Nash
1855. Thomas Rawlins
1857 – 76. Daniel Sweet
1876 to 1878. Mary Sweet
1878 – 89. William Perryman Griffey
1891 – 1908. William Williams
1908. Martha Francis Williams
1911 – 15. Eva Hare
1916 to 1921. Henry Wookey
1922 to 1925. Minnie Wookey
1926 – 28. John Jenkins
1931 – 38. William Compton
1944 – 50. Beatrice Lyons
1953 – 56. William Owen Heale
1975. K. Emery

Built in 1811 but not recorded as a pub until 1843. Known as the Nova Scotia House until around 1863, the section at the left of the building with four bay windows was once a pub called the Dock Hotel, it was incorporated into the Nova Scotia in 1889.

Census 1851.

Nathaniel Richards 26, head married, beer house keeper, Devon Trentishoe
Maria Richards 26, wife married, Clifton Bristol
Elizabeth Carpenter 16, servant unmarried, servant, Clifton Bristol
Walter Atkins 30, servant unmarried, servant, Clifton Bristol

Census 1861.

Daniel Sweet 44, head married, beer retailer, Gloucestershire Bristol
Mary M. Sweet 30, wife married, Somerset Wellington
Daniel L. Sweet 9, son scholar, Gloucestershire Bristol
Eliza S. Sweet 7, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire Bristol
Robert L. Sweet 5, son scholar, Gloucestershire Bristol
Josiah L. Sweet 3, son scholar, Gloucestershire Bristol
Mary Ann Gould 20, servant unmarried, house servant, Gloucestershire Bristol
Sarah Parfitt 21, visitor unmarried, Gloucestershire Bristol
James May 19, lodger unmarried, jobbing labourer, Gloucestershire Bristol

Census 1871.

Daniel Sweet 54, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol St.Philip’s
Mary Ann Sweet 39, wife married, Somerset Wellington
Daniel Sweet 19, son unmarried, assistant, Bristol
Eliza Sarah Sweet 17, daughter unmarried, scholar, Bristol
Robert Loney Sweet 14, son scholar, Bristol
Josiah Loney Sweet 13, son scholar, Bristol
Alfred John Sweet 8, son scholar, Bristol
Albert William Clark Sweet 5, son scholar, Bristol
Elizabeth H. Sweet 3, daughter scholar, Bristol
Harriet Clark 69, aunt unmarried, retired servant, Bristol St.Philip’s
Henry Bryant 17, visitor unmarried, scholar, Somerset Keynsham
Mary Ann Gould 32, domestic servant, Bristol Redcliffe

Census 1881.

William Perryman Griffey 50, head married, licensed victualler, Bideford Devon
Mary Maria Griffey 47, wife married, Wellington Somerset
Alfred John Sweet 18, step son unmarried, assistant victualler, Clifton Bristol
William Albert Sweet 16, step son scholar, Clifton Bristol
Henry Coulson Sweet 7, step son scholar, Clifton Bristol
George Salmon 19, servant unmarried, servant (inn), Chew Stoke Somerset
Emma Wade 22, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Bristol

Census 1891.

William Wiliams 45, head married, licensed victualler (late master mariner), Monmouthshire Usk
Martha F. Williams 46, wife married, Somerset Cutcombe
Herbert H. Williams 18, son single, litho’ printer’s apprentice, Bristol Clifton
Ethel Jane Williams 8, daughter scholar, Bristol Clifton
Bessie Wright 21, assistant single, barmaid, Somerset West Buckland
Eliza D. Hobbs 20, assistant single, barmaid, Devon Bampton
Henrietta Francis 18, servant single, general domestic servant, Surrey Richmond

Census 1901.

William Williams 55, head married, hotel keeper, Monmouthshire Usk
Martha F. Williams 56, wife married, Somerset Cutcombe
Ethel J. Williams 18, daughter single, school student, Bristol
Annie Tripp 17, niece single, bar assistant, Bristol
Alice L. Lee 22, servant single, domestic servant, Bristol

Census 1911.

Eva Hare 54, head married, hotel keeper, Bristol St.Philip’s
Thomas Hare 15, son, student, Bristol Totterdown
Hannah May 93, mother widow, Bristol St.George
Mary Hatwood 26, servant single, general domestic servant, Bristol Totterdown
Amelia Webber 57, visitor widow, Bristol St.Philip’s
Thomas Webber 25, visitor married, domestic chauffeur, Bristol St.George
Millie Webber 22, visitor single, clerk at paper bag makers, Somerset Taunton
Joseph Webber 20, visitor single, clerk at sweet manufacturers, Monmouthshire Newport
Sybal Webber 8, visitor, school, Bristol Russell Town
The 1911 census reveals that not counting the scullery, landing, lobby, closet, bathroom; nor warehouse, office or shop, the Nova Scotia had 17 rooms.

Drawings by C.F.W Dening 1943