Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Rownham Hotel Charlton Place / Hotwell Road

Hotwells Tavern
1823 – 31. William Thomas
1833. William James
1834 to 1839. Joseph Smith
1840 – 44. Mary Jones
1848 – 51. Francis Evans
1851 to 1874. Philip John Marks

Rownham Hotel
1875 to 1877. William Green
1878 – 79. Simeon Goode
1881 – 98. Nicholas Cummins Hetherington
1898 to 1901. Robert Edwards
1901. Eva Edwards
1904 – 21. William J. Baker
1925 – 28. John McLean
1931. Edward Smart
1935 – 37. Ernest Cainey
1944 – 56. Ellen Louise Bennett

Originally known as the Hotwells Tavern. Around 1873 when the entrance to Cumberland Basin was enlarged, a pub named the Rownham Tavern was demolished and Rownham ferry moved downstream towards the Hotwells Tavern, not long afterwards the name was changed to the Rownham Hotel. The pub was removed in 1969 for road Widening.

Reece Winstone Archive

Census 1841.

Mary Jones 54, victualler, not born in county
Joseph Jones 20, confectioner’s apprentice, born in county
Martha Jones 15, servant, not born in county
Elizabeth Matthews 20, servant, not born in county
Eleanor Stoke 20, servant, not born in county
Cornelius Chaplin 25, servant, not born in county

Census 1851.

Philip John Marks 26, Licensed Victualler, Brislington
Mary Marks 26, Bristol
William Marks 5, Bristol
John Marks 3, Bristol
Tom Marks 10 months, Bristol
William Pearce 18, Servant, Dorset
Mary Maskell 21, Servant Gloucestershire Acton
Sarah Ann Brooks 14, Servant, Bristol

Census 1861.

Philip J. Marks 36, head married, licensed victualler, Somersetshire Brislington
Mary Marks 36, wife married, Gloucestershire Bristol
William Marks 14, son scholar, Somersetshire Brislington
Thomas Marks 10, son scholar, Gloucestershire Bristol
Henry Marks 9, son scholar, Clifton
Clara Marks 6, daughter scholar, Clifton
John Marks 4, son, Clifton
Ada Marks 10 months, daughter, Clifton
Elizabeth Robertson 13, servant, nurse maid, Gloucestershire Bristol
Cornelius Chaplin 52, unmarried labourer, Gloucestershire Bristol

Census 1871.

Philip J. Marks 46, head widower, brewer & victualler, Brislington Somerset
William Marks 24, son unmarried, traveller to oil & colour merchant, Brislington Somerset
Tom Marks 20, son unmarried, mariner, Bristol
John Marks 15, son scholar, Clifton Bristol
Clara Marks 15, daughter, assistant to victualler, Clifton Bristol
Agnes Marks 9, daughter scholar, Clifton Bristol
Michael Michagan 30, servant unmarried, assistant to brewer, Clifton Bristol

Census 1881.

Nicholas Hetherington 57, head married, licensed victualler, Durham Gateshead
Sarah Hetherington 51, wife married, Bristol
Albert Hambridge 20, servant unmarried, brewer & barman, New York America
Edith Carpenter 20, servant unmarried, general servant, Somerset Glastonbury

Census 1891.

Nicholas Hetherington 68, head married, licensed victualler, Gateshead Durham
Sarah Hetherington 61, wife married, Bristol
Maud Cornelius 22, servant single, barmaid, Weston-Super-Mare Somerset
Florie Morgan 17, servant single, general domestic servant, Bedminster Somerset

Census 1901.

Eva Edwards 45, head widow, hotel proprietress, Bristol
Kate H. Edwards 19, daughter single, Bristol
Charles W. Edwards 17, son single, apprentice electrical engineer, Bristol
Eva E. Edwards 12, daughter scholar, Bristol
Arthur C. Edwards 10, son scholar, Bristol
Edith V. Edwards 9, daughter scholar, Bristol
Kate C. Crossley 47, sister widow, on own account, Bristol
Jessie Hutchison 29, servant single, barmaid, Bristol

Census 1911.

William J. Baker 49, head married, licensed victualler, Pill Somerset
Ellen E. Baker 48, wife married, Pill Somerset
Reginald W. Baker 20, son single, engineer’s apprentice, Bristol