Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Star Hotel Cumberland Basin

1839 – 50. John Price
1857. William Vaughan
1861 – 87. Robert Hurn
1891 – 96. Robert Mitchell
1899 – 1901. Charles Cuthbert
1906 – 09. Annie Westlake
1911 – 31. Thomas James Hook
1935. Isabella Lewis
1937. Maurice Davis
1944 – 50. William Heal
1953. William Spooncer
1956. Ernest Bessell

Western Place (Cumberland Basin) on the water front, next door to the Pilot Hotel these two pubs were demolished during the construction of the Cumberland Bridge road system 1963 – 1964.

Census 1841.

John Price 40, publican, not born in county
Hannah Price 40, not born in county
Hannah Price 10, not born in county
Selina Gaisford 18, not born in county
Eliza Todd 25, not born in county
Elizabeth Westway 50, not born in county
Jane Westway 20, not born in county
Richard Westway 15, not born in county
John Westway 14, not born in county
Maria Westway 10, not born in county
Mark Westway 5, not born in county
Ellen Barette 30, Ireland
Mary Barette 5, Ireland
Thomas Barette 10, Ireland
The Westways are marked as ‘going to America’

Census 1861.

Robert Hurn 31, head married, beer retailer, Bristol
Emila S. Hurn 32, wife married, Clifton
Emila E. S. Hurn 2, daughter, Clifton
Jane E. Saunders 16, servant unmarried, house servant, Bristol

Census 1871.

Robert Hurn 42, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol
Emilia Hurn 42, licensed victualler’s wife, Bristol
Emilia E. S. Hurn 12, daughter scholar, Bristol

Census 1881.

Robert Hurn 50, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol
Emily Hurn 50, wife married, Bristol Clifton
Emily Hurn 22, daughter unmarried, music teacher, Bristol Clifton

Census 1891.

Robert G. Mitchell 29, head married, publican, Scotland Ayrshire
Frances Mitchell 26, wife married, Somerset Weston-Super-Mare
Minnie Simms 16, servant single, domestic servant, Bristol

Census 1901.

Charles F. W. Cuthbert 35, head married, Bristol Clifton
A. M. Cuthbert 35, wife married, Bristol Clifton
H. R. Cuthbert 11, daughter school, Bristol Clifton
E. M. Cuthbert 9, daughter school, Bristol Clifton
E. S. Winscombe 25, barmaid single, Bristol St.Augustine
A. C. Ford 24, female domestic servant single, Bristol Bedminster

Census 1911.

Thomas James Hook 34, head widower, licensed victualler, Pill Somerset