Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Montague Hotel Kingsdown Parade

1792 – 94. Hannah Whiffen
1800 – 23. John Burnham
1826. John Pring
1828 – 37. Robert Marshall
1839 – 44. John Pring
1848 – 50. William Pullin
1851. Edward Ward
1853 – 87. Elizabeth Ward
1889 – 94. Frederick Phillips
1896. T & F. Phillips
1897. Frederick Phillips
1899 – 1901. Harry H. Stanton
1904 – 17. Edwin Cambridge
1925. Alfred Biddulph
1928 – 31. Archibald Armstrong
1935 – 37. Ethel Armstrong

The Montague was the first house to be built in Kingsdown around 1737 and was named after the Montagues who owned the estate that included Kingsdown. The Montague was pulled down after suffering severe bomb damage in the war, the site was never rebuilt and is now the green triangle at the top of Horfield Road.

From the Annals Of Bristol, by John Latimer.
An illustration of the bibulous habits of the Regency is afforded by a tavern bill paid by a Bristolian in August 1817, to the landlord of the Montague Hotel. The dinner which was for twelve guests, and included venison and turtle, was charged 14 guineas; dessert, 2 guineas. The giver of the feast supplied twelve bottles of wine from his private cellar. Beside this, the guests drank claret costing £7; Madeira, £1 18s; two bottles of hock, £1 8s; two bottles of champagne, £1 14s; and two bottles of port, 12s. Altogether the party must have swallowed about three bottles of liquor per head. The hotel bill amounted to £31 7s, exclusive of the wine privately supplied.

Census 1841.

John Pring 25, tavern Keeper, born in county
John Moreton 18, porter, born in county
Edward Green 15, cook, born in county
John Pitman 19, nailer, born in county
Harriett Froyn 25, barmaid, born in county
Mary ….? 25, servant, born in county
Jane Tovey 22, servant, born in county

Census 1851.

Edward Ward 43, hotel keeper Bristol
Elizabeth Ward 38, wife married, Bristol
Anna Ward 16, daughter unmarried, Bristol
Sarah Ward 13, daughter, Bristol
Kate Ward 10, daughter, Bristol
Alice Ward 11 months, daughter, Bristol
Evan Evans 40, visitor unmarried, commercial traveller, Manchester
Charles Lewis 43, servant widower, Waiter, Bristol
Samuel Simons 17, servant unmarried, boots, Bristol
Elizabeth Stone 27, servant unmarried, Chambermaid, Bristol
Maria Clothier 25, servant unmarried, House Maid, Long Ashton
Jane Ambrose 22, servant unmarried, House Maid, Long Ashton
Sarah Hodges 17, servant unmarried, House Maid, Long Ashton

Census 1861.

Elizabeth Ward 48, head widow, inn keeper, Dorset Potisham
Sarah Ward 23, daughter unmarried, assistant, Bristol
Alice Ward 9, daughter scholar, Bristol
Lewis Strickland 13, nephew scholar, Dorset Potisham
Sarah Hodges 25, servant unmarried, cook, Somerset Tiverton
Hannah Mills (Miles?) 25, servant unmarried, Waitress, Monmouth Langstone
Hannah Pulmer 24, niece unmarried, barmaid, Bristol
Emma Powell 13, servant, kitchen maid, Bristol
Thomas Baker 23, servant, billiard marker, Somerset Priston
James Co…? 23, servant unmarried, boots, Bristol

Census 1871.

Elizabeth Ward 58, head widow, licensed victualler, Dorset Portisham
Alice E. Ward 20, daughter unmarried, assistant in business, Bristol City & County
Mary Boatswain 56, sister widow, Dorset Portisham
Elias Beer 28, lodger unmarried, civil engineer, Glamorganshire Swansea
Lucy Allway 19, boarder unmarried, barmaid, Somerset Camerton
Mary J. Slocombe 23, servant unmarried, housemaid, Somerset West Hatch
Mary J. Coles 21, servant unmarried, cook, Somerset Fiddington
Charlotte Powell 21, servant unmarried, under barmaid, Bristol City & County
Malcolm Gregory 17, servant unmarried, boots, Bristol City & County

Census 1881.

Elizabeth Ward 68, head widow, licensed victualler, Portisham Dorset
Mary Boatswain 66, sister widow, Portisham Dorset
Caroline Jones 32, servant widow, barmaid, Bristol
Ellen Radford 23, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Clevedon Somerset
Maria Underwood 29, servant unmarried, domestic cook, Tetbury Gloucestershire
Florence Hughes 20, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Bristol

Census 1891.

Frederick F. Phillips 60, head single, licensed victualler, Wiltshire Highworth
Rhodie Hawkins 25, servant single, barmaid, Wiltshire Calne
Annie M. Rowley 19, servant single, barmaid, Gloucestershire Westbury
Annie Griffiths 25, servant single, general domestic servant, Kent Shoreditch
Helena Cann 24, servant single, general domestic servant, Somerset Taunton
Charlotte Stone 17, servant single, general domestic servant, Bristol
Thomas Slade 17, servant single, boots, Gloucestershire Coleford

Census 1901.

Harry H. Stanton 36, head married, hotel proprietor, London
Isabella Stanton 39, wife married, Kent
Frederick L. Stanton 9, son, London
Emily Stanton 6, daughter, Croydon Surrey
Mary Barber 21, servant single, barmaid, London
Augusta Crewe 22, servant single, cook, Radstock Mills Somerset

Census 1911.

Edwin Cambridge 64, head single, hotel proprietor, Market Lavington
Ada L. Shutler 29, single, housekeeper, Trull Taunton Somerset
Jennie M. Gillan 28, single, barmaid, Ballinear Sligo Ireland