Bristol’s Lost Pubs

St. Matthew’s Supply Stores St. Matthew’s Avenue
Off license

1881 – 1901. Frederick Joseph Crowe
1911 – 13. Agnes Reid
1924. Harry Taylor
1927. Ethel M. Taylor
1934 – 43. Olive Blanche Hughes
1949 – 56. Edna Frances Cook

Bristol Museum collections

Census 1881.
Nugent Cottage, St. Matthew’s Avenue

Frederick Crowe 51, head married, shopkeeper & carpenter, Somerset Wells
Anne Crowe 36, wife married, Somerset North Newton
Walter Orchard 14, step-son scholar, Bristol
Eva Orchard 11, step-daughter scholar, Bristol

Census 1891.
Nugent Cottage

Frederick Crowe 60, head married, grocer, Somerset Wells
Ann Crowe 48, wife married, Somerset Newton

Census 1901.
Nugent Cottage

Frederick J. Crow 73, head married, keeper of outdoor beer house, Somerset Wells

Census 1911.
Nugent Cottage, St. Matthew’s Avenue

William Sim Reid 52 head married, basket maker, Elgin Scotland, blind since the age of 30
Agnes Reid 44, wife married, shopkeeper, Coleford Gloucestershire
Kate Smith 41, sister in law married, Coleford Gloucestershire