Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Swan Hotel Stokes Croft

1754 William Wynne
1775 – 92 Robert Arnold
1794 Mary Arnold
1800 – 23 Robert Davis
1826 – 39 Elizabeth Williams
1840 to 1855 Stephen Price
1856 Philip Thomas
1857 to 1858 William John Baker
1859 to 1860 Henry Edwards
1861 to 1868 Job Scriven
1869 – 72 James Hewitt
1874 – 79 George Smallcombe
1881 – 88 Arthur Seaton
1889 Agnes Milcheson
1891 – 94 Thomas Forbutt
1896 – 1911 George Margrate
1911. Charles Henry Bourton
1914 John Atherton
1917 Walter Carter
1921 Charles Morris
1925 Charles Evans
1928 Ethel Fey
1935 Leonard Hoyles
1937 Bert Henrey
1944 William Davey
1950 Harry Whitmore

Near the corner with Nine Tree Hill the Swan Hotel was more recently known as the Croft. This picture was taken in 1911.

Census 1841.

Stephen Price 40, victualler, Wiltshire
Mary Ann Price 28, Wiltshire
James Price 12, Wiltshire
Stephen Russell Price 8, Wiltshire
Marianne Price 7, Wiltshire
Sarah Price 3, Wiltshire
Frederick Griffin Price 1, Wiltshire
William Morgan 29, servant, not born in county
Hannah Sage 15, servant, born in county
Elijah Green 28, engineer, not born in county

Census 1851.

Stephen Price 55, head married, licensed victualler, Warminster Wiltshire
Mary Ann Price 39, wife married, Trowbridge Wiltshire
James Price 21, son unmarried, Trowbridge Wiltshire
Stephen Russell Price 18, son unmarried, Trowbridge Wiltshire
Marianne Price 16, daughter unmarried, Trowbridge Wiltshire
Margarette Price 15, daughter, Trowbridge Wiltshire
Sarah Price 13, daughter, Trowbridge Wiltshire
Frederick Griffin Price 11, son, Trowbridge Wiltshire
Marianna Davis 23, visitor unmarried, Melksham Wiltshire
Marianne Bamstie 20, visitor unmarried, Trowbridge
Sarah Bunkworth 18, servant unmarried, Trowbridge

Census 1861.

Job Scriven 46, head married, publican, Gloucestershire Cirencester
Mary Ann Scriven 47, wife married, Gloucestershire Stroud
Henry Scriven 12, son scholar, Gloucestershire Cheltenham
Anna Maria Scriven 10, daughter, Cirencester
Sarah Davis 25, servant unmarried, cook, Glamorgan Fonman
Hugh Longman 26, servant unmarried, groom, Gloucestershire Thornbury

Census 1871.

James Hewitt 51, head married, licensed victualler, Hampshire Basingstoke
Ann Hewitt 59, wife married, St.Catherine Gloucestershire
James C. Hewitt 21, son unmarried, Somersetshire Bath
Sarah A. Hewitt 19, daughter unmarried, Somersetshire Bath
Frederick Frankam 22, boarder unmarried, gentleman, Gloucestershire Horfield
Edward Wheeler 23, servant unmarried, ostler, Herefordshire Ross
Sarah Jones 20, servant unmarried, general servant, Somerset Williton

Census 1881.

Arthur Seaton 45, head married, licensed victualler, Yorkshire Wakefield
Mary Ann Seaton 36, wife married, Lancashire Bolton
Thomas Seaton 8, son scholar, Lancashire Manchester
Henry Seaton 6, son scholar, Bristol
Laura Seaton 4, daughter, Bristol
Alice Seaton 3, daughter, Bristol
Arthur Seaton 2, son, Bristol
Frederick Seaton 7 months, Bristol
Julia Mary Hughes 25, servant married, barmaid, Somerset Eastwoodlands
Annie Elizabeth Perry 18, servant unmarried, Devonshire Plymouth
Ellen Hodge 23, servant unmarried, nurse, Somerset Keynsham

Census 1891.

Thomas Forbutt 46, head married, licensed victualler, Yorkshire Hurtleby
Mary Forbutt 49, wife married, Devonshire Newton St.Cyres
Florence M. Forbutt 21, daughter single, barmaid, Denbighshire Gresford
Cecilia Forbutt 17, daughter single, dressmakers apprentice, Bristol
Ada Forbutt 16, daughter single, barmaid, Bristol
Getrude A. Forbutt 16, daughter single, barmaid, Bristol
Josephine B. Forbutt 15, daughter, barmaid, Bristol
Elizabeth Forbutt 24, niece single, Liverpool
Louisa Witcombe 22, servant single, domestic servant, Gloucestershire Coleford
Mark Ball 15, servant, groom, Glamorgan
Herbert Ormand 16, servant single, billiard marker, Berkshire Reading

Census 1901.

George Margrate 51, head married, hotel keeper, Bristol
Maggie Margrate 37, wife married, Bristol
William Margrate 21, son single, hotel keeper’s assistant, Bristol
Louise Margrate 17, daughter single, hotel keeper’s assistant, Bristol
Annie Griffin 25, servant single, domestic servant, Bristol
Emily Stone 30, servant single, domestic servant, Somerset
Annie Frances 26, servant single, domestic servant, Wales
Horace Mills 16, servant single, domestic servant, Gloucestershire Cheltenham

Census 1911.

Charles Henry Bourton 57, head married, publican, Paulton Somerset
Elizabeth Bourton 54, wife married, Pontypool Wales
Charles Henry Bourton 16, son single, at home, Tredegar Wales
Florence Elizabeth Bullous 23, servant single, barmaid, Bruton Somerset
Hilda May Klee 20, servant single, barmaid, Ilfracombe Devon
John Joseph Harington 25, boarder single, mechanic, Newport Monmouthshire