Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Jolly Nailers West Street

1775. John Nock
1794. Mary Nock
1800. Thomas Nock
1816. Richard Nicholls
1820 – 34. James Phelps
1837 – 42. Lucy Phelps
1844 – 54. George Phelps
1855 – 83. James Phelps
1885 – 94. Sarah Phelps
1897. Alfred Pearce
1899 – 1901. W. H. Warren
1901. Charles Hartley (manager)
1904 – 09. W. Gilbert Clune
1911 – 17. Samuel Collett
1921 – 25. Henry Penney
1928. Albert Gingell
1931 – 44. Henry Rides
1950 – 53. Alfred Rogers
1956. Edgar J. Parsons

Originally just the taller building, the Jolly Nailers expanded into the house next door during the mid-1850s. Early directories sometimes list the pub as the Three Jolly Nailers.

Census 1841.

George Phelps 20, not born in county
Lucy Phelps 50, publican, not born in county
Matthew Phelps 20, tailor, born in county
Eliza Phelps 15, born in county
Emma Phelps 13, born in county

Census 1851.

George Phelps 33, head married, victualler, Bath
Elizabeth Phelps 33, wife married, Bristol
Emma Phelps 23, sister unmarried, bar woman, Bristol
James Phelps 21, brother unmarried, draper’s assistant, Bristol
Frederick Phelps 19, brother unmarried, jouneyman maltser, Bristol
Mary Rogers 20, servant unmarried, general servant, Gloucestershire
Ann Willoughby 20, servant unmarried, general servant, Bristol

Census 1861.

James Phelps 31, head married, victualler, Bristol St.Philip & St.Jacob
Sarah Phelps 22, wife married, Gloucestershire Kempley
Emma Eliza Phelps 1 year 10 months, daughter, Bristol St.Philip & St.Jacob
Sarah Jane Phelps 4 months, daughter, Bristol St.Philip & St.Jacob
Jane Phelps 25, cousin unmarried, barmaid, Gloucestershire Kempley
Anne Eades 30, servant unmarried, general servant, Ireland
Amelia Lewis 16, servant unmarried, nurse, Bristol St.Philip & St.Jacob
Richard Reed 23, servant unmarried, brewer, Devon Cloveley

Census 1871.

James Phelps 42, head married, publican, Bristol
Sarah Phelps 32, wife married, Kempley
Emma E. Phelps 11, daughter scholar, Bristol
Sarah J. Phelps 9, daughter scholar, Bristol
Hannah M. Phelps 8, daughter scholar, Bristol
Edward J. Phelps 6, son scholar, Bristol
George G. Phelps 3, son scholar, Bristol
Rosina Phelps 10 months, daughter, Bristol
John Phelps 35, cousin unmarried, brewer, Kempley
Elizabeth Cross 18, servant unmarried, general servant, Bristol

Census 1881.

James Phelps 51, head married, victualler, Bristol St.Philip’s
Sarah Phelps 41, wife married, Herefordshire Eastnor
Sarah Jane Phelps 20, daughter unmarried, Bristol St.Philip’s
Hannah Maria Phelps 18, daughter unmarried, Bristol St.Philip’s
James Edward Phelps 17, son unmarried, Bristol St.Philip’s
Rosina Phelps 10, daughter scholar, Bristol St.Philip’s
William Henry Phelps 7, son scholar, Bristol St.Philip’s
Adelaide Lucas 16, servant unmarried, general servant, Gloucestershire Kingswood

Census 1891.

Sarah Phelps 52, head widow, licensed victualler, Gloucestershire Kempley
Hannah M. Phelps 28, daughter single, barmaid, St.Philip’s Bristol
James E. Phelps 26, son single, barman, St,Philip’s Bristol
William H. Phelps 17, son single, aucioneer’s articled pupil, St.Philip’s Bristol
Rosina Phelps 20, daughter single, St.Philip’s Bristol
Florence R. Lee 20, servant single, domestic servant, Gloucestershire Cheltenham

Census 1901.

Charles Hartley 34, head married, manager of public tavern, Wiltshire Swindon
Sarah Jane Hartley 33, wife married, Glamorganshire Swansea
Charles William Hartley 13, son, Wiltshire Swindon
Frederick Arthur Hartley 11, son, Wiltshire Swindon
Harold Ernest Hartley 8, son, Wiltshire Swindon
Maurice Bowyer Griffin 20, servant single, barman, Gloucestershire Iron Acton

Census 1911.

Samuel G. Collett 52, head married, licensed victualler, Wiltshire Bradford
Kate Alice Collett 50, wife married, licensed victualer, Wiltshire Bradford
Blanche Smith 38, servant single, barmaid, St.George Bristol