Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Punch Bowl Old Market Street

1806 – 20. Onesiphorus Lucus
1822 – 38. Joseph Cheesewright
1839 – 42. Samuel King
1844 – 48. William Arnold
1851 – 53. Martha Arnold
1854. William Arnold
1856 – 71. William Tilly
1872 to 1883. Alfred H. Townsend
1884 – 89. Mary Jane Townsend
1891 – 99. Humphrey Hale
1901 to 1910. William Elkanah Wookey
1911 – 17. George Bowrey
1921. Robert Wakefield
1925. William Davis
1928. Henry Mitchell
1931. Percy Packer
1935 – 37. Samuel Britton
1938. Ernest Berry
1944. Thomas Lewis
1950. William Burnell
1953 – 56. Harold Newton Thatcher
1975. D. J. Mills

Bristol’s Lost Pubs collection

This picture was taken in the 1950s, the bunting was probably to celebrate the Queen’s coronation in 1953. First listed as the Punch Bowl in 1872, it was previously listed under wine & spirit dealers (no sign). Information on Joseph Cheesewright was kindly provided by Nick Cheesewright.

Census 1841.

Samuel King 50, wine merchant, born in county
Thomas Griffith 15, servant, not born in county
Jane Cox 20, servant, not born in county

Census 1851.

Martha Arnold 34, widow, spirit merchant, Bisley
John King 69, father, retired inn keeper, Bisley
Martha King 63, Bisley
Mary Ann Bilsten 20, cousin, assistant Keynsham
Patience Summers 28, servant, Chippenham

Census 1861.

William Tilly 42, head married, victualler, Bristol
Martha Tilly 44, wife married, Gloucestershire Chalford
Martha King 73, mother in law widow, Gloucestershire Chalford
Belinda Francom 21, assistant unmarried, barmaid, Somerset Paulton
Mary Ann L. Lee 18, assistant unmarried, barmaid, Middlesex Timber
Sarah Edwards 39, servant unmarried, cook domestic, Herefordshire Ross

Census 1871.

William Tilly 52, head married, spirit merchant, Bristol
Martha Tilly 54, wife married, Gloucestershire
Mary Lee 28, assistant unmarried, Middlesex London
Ellen Phippin 23, assistant unmaried, Devon
Ann Thomas 39, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Bristol

Census 1881.

William H. Townsend 32, head married, wine merchant employing 2 men and 1 boy, Bristol St.James’
Mary Jane Townsend 30, wife married, Bristol St.Nicholas
Florence E. Townsend 10, daughter scholar, Bristol St.Philip’s
Louisa M. Townsend 9, daughter scholar, Bristol St.Philip’s
Fannie Townsend 2, daughter, Bristol St.Philip’s
Elizabeth Williams 19, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Bristol St.Philip’s
Emma K. Thomas 21, boarder unmarried, music teacher, Bristol St.Michael’s
Emily Llewellin 22, boarder unmarried, Bristol St.Paul’s

Census 1891.

Humphrey Hale 46, head married, licensed victualler, Didcot Berkshire
Mary Hale 49, wife married, Clerkenwell Middlesex
Eleanor Hale 12, daughter scholar, Bristol
Emma Trevillion 42, wife’s sister single, Clerkenwell Middlesex
Marion L. Townsend 18, servant single, barmaid, Bristol

Census 1901.

William Elkanah Wookey 50, head married, wine and spirit merchant, Kent Woolwich
Jane Wookey 49, wife married, Northumberland Kenton
Mary Emily Wookey 27, daughter single, assistant to parent, Northumberland Newcastle on Tyne
Jane Anna Wookey 25, daughter single, assistant to parent, Northumberland Gosforth
Florence Gertrude Wookey 20, daughter single, assistant to parent, Bristol

Census 1911.

George Bowrey 39, head married, collector of excise, Bristol
Lily Bowrey 23, wife married, hotel, Bristol
George Bowrey 15, son, hotel, Bristol
Nellie Bowrey 8, daughter, Bristol
Bettie Bowrey 5, daughter, Bristol
Kathleen Bowrey 1, daughter, Bristol
Belle Wood 27, friend and boarder single, dress maker, Exeter