Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Stag & Hounds Old Market Street

1792. William Prowlin
1800. Thomas Williams
1806. Susannah Williams
1815 – 63. Joseph Perrett (sen & jun)
1865 – 66. James Fish (jnr)
1867 – 72. Henry Whitbread
1874 – 75. Henry Slade
1876. Harry Clark
1877 to 1888. Frederick Smith
1889 – 1904. Henry Smith
1906 – 11. Roland Woods
1914. William Colenso
1917 – 21. George Noble
1925. Florence Noble
1928 – 31. Henry Rowbotham
1935 – 38. George Hiscox
1944. Rosa Saunders
1950 – 53. George Rushford
1956. William F. V. Shute
1960. C. G. March
1975. J. A. Charman

Joseph Perrett was also a maltster with a malt house in Ellbroad Street, he also traded as a soap boiler at No.50 Castle Street

Census 1841.

Joseph Perrett 25, publican, born in county
Mary Perrett 25, born in county
Joseph Perrett 60, independent, born in county
Catherine Urch 35, independent, born in county
Fanny Stocker 25, servant, born in county
Emma Bryant 20, servant, born in county

Census 1851.

Joseph Perrett 39, head married, licensed victualler & maltster, Bristol
Mary Ann Perrett 36, wife married, Bristol
Catherine O’Neal Perrett 8, daughter scholar at home, Bristol
Joseph Perrett 6, son scholar at home, Bristol
Stephen Barton Perrett 1, son, Bristol
Joseph Perrett 74, father widower, retired victualler, Somerset Stogursey
Eliza Ann Phillips 21, governess unmarried, Bristol
Elizabeth Green 17, servant unmarried, nursemaid, Bristol
Hannah Cork 22, servant unmarried, house servant, Bristol
John Exell 22, servant unmarried, pot boy, Gloucestershire North Nibley

Census 1861.

Joseph Perrett 48, head married, maltster & brewer, Bristol
Eliza Ann Perrett 31, wife married, Bristol
Catherine O. Perrett 18, daughter visiting mother, Bristol
Joseph Perrett 16, son visiting father, Bristol
Stephen B. Perrett 11, son scholar, Bristol
Sarah Ann Johnson 30, servant unmarried, barmaid, Bristol
Ann Nurse 31, servant unmarried, housekeeper, Somerset Compton Dando
Catherine Shea 19, servant unmarried, house servant, Ireland
Richard Macey 16, servant unmarried, tap boy, Bristol

Census 1871.

Henry J. Whitbread 50, head widower, licensed victualler, Birmingham
James T. Whitbread 10, son scholar, Bristol
William Whitbread 8, son scholar, Bristol
James G. Whitbread 6, son scholar, Bristol
Mary Ann Humphries 50, servant widow, general domestic servant, Bristol
Mary A. Headford 16, servant unmarried, general domestic servant, Bristol
James Rouse 23, servant unmarried, general domestic servant, Norfolk

Census 1881.

Frederick Smith 35, head married, licenseed victualler, St.George Bristol
Amelia Smith 32, wife married, Farnsham Flintshire
Lily Harris 15, servant unmarried, barmaid, Christ Church Bristol
Emma Flook 23, servant unmarried, general servant, Chipping Sodbury

Census 1891.

Henry T. Smith 28, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol
Jennie Smith 33, wife married, Bury Lancashire
Daisy Smith 4, daughter scholar, Bristol
Delia Smith 2, daughter, Bristol
Jennie Smith 2 months, daughter, Bristol
Francis Hewlett 15, female domestic servant, Bristol

Census 1901.

Henry Thomas Smith 38, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol
Jennie Smith 43, wife married, Lancashire Bury
Blanche Smith 15, daughter, milliner, Bristol
Daisy Smith 14, daughter, milliner, Bristol
Delia Smith 12, daughter, Bristol
Jennie Smith 10, daughter, Bristol
Frances Stagg 19 , servant single, barmaid, Someerset Wedmore
Edith Martin 19, servant single, general domestic servant, London

Census 1911.

Roland Woods 38, head married, licensed victualler, Rochdale Lancashire
Ada Elizabeth Woods 36, wife married, Bulman’s Village Newcastle on Tyne
Elsie Minnie Woods 13, daughter school, Bristol Gloucestershire
Cyril Woods 12, son school, Bristol Gloucestershire

This census reveals that not counting the scullery, landing, lobby, closet, bathroom; nor warehouse, office or shop, the Stag & Hounds had 12 rooms.