Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Bawn’s Shop Somerset Place (744 Fishponds Road)
Corner of Station Road

Although never listed as an off license in directories; nor on the census, there is a beer advert across the top of the building, and the left hand window has adverts for Hennessy’s Brandies and Walker’s Whisky.

The beer advertisement reads…

Anglo – Bavarian Ales
In Cask – Agent D. Bawn – In Bottle

1861 – 1905. Daniel Bawn (grocer & baker)
1924 – 30. Albert Williams (shop keeper)

Became Benjamin Sherrell’s cake shop in the early 30s

Census 1861.

Daniel Bawn 32, head married, grocer’s shop, Gloucestershire Stapleton
Sarah Bawn 23, wife married, Gloucestershire Stapleton
George Bawn 5, son, Gloucestershire Stapleton
Sophia Bawn 3, daughter, Gloucestershire Stapleton
Frederick W. Bawn 1, son, Gloucestershire Stapleton
Elizabeth Guest 21, sister in law unmarried, Gloucestershire Stapleton
Mary Brown 14, general servant, Gloucestershire Stapleton

Census 1871.

Daniel Bawn 42, head married, grocer, Fishponds
Sarah Bawn 36, wife married
George Bawn 16, son, grocer
Sophia Bawn 14, daughter
Fred Bawn 11, son

Census 1881.

Daniel Bawn 53, head married, grocer, Fishponds Gloucestershire
Sarah Bawn 45, wife married, Fishponds Gloucestershire
Albert Bawn 15, son unmarried, in the business, Fishponds Gloucestershire
Arthur H. Bawn 8, son scholar, Fishponds Gloucestershire
Maud Bawn 4, daughter, Fishponds Gloucestershire

Census 1891.

Daniel Bawn 62, head married, grocer, Fishponds Gloucestershire
Sarah Sophia Bawn 57, wife married, St.Catherine’s
Harry A. Bawn 19, son single, baker, Fishponds Gloucestershire
Maud F. G. Bawn 14, daughter scholar, Fishponds Gloucestershire
Ann Maria Phillips 44, visitor widow, Batheaston Somerset

Census 1901.

Daniel Bawn 71, head married, grocer, Gloucestershire Fishponds
Sarah Bawn 60, wife married, St.Catherine’s near Bath
Maud Bawn 24, daughter single, Gloucestershire Fishponds