Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Beehive Duck Street / Wellington Hill West

1871 – 86. William Hunt
1887 – 91. William Aitken
1897 – 1924. George William Hunt
1924 to 1935. Emma Hunt
1935 – 38. Stanley Langman
1941 – 53. Nellie Edith Langman
1955 – 75. Leonard J. Penney

Corrections were made to the above information when Roger Baynton showed an interest on ‘Bristol Then & Now Photographs’ (Facebook), Thank You Roger.

The Beehive is pictured here in the 1920s during Emma Hunt’s tenancy. Stanley Langman’s tenancy commenced on the 5th February 1935, the rent was £80 per annum, which was increased to £150 on the 25th March 1936, and again on the 25th March 1938 to £175. In 1935 Mr. Langman also paid £234 – 8s – 6d for the furniture at the pub, the Landlord was The Bristol Brewery Georges & Co. Ltd. The Beehive was re-built in 1935 which would explain the sharp increase in rent in 1936.

Census 1871.
Beer House

William Hunt 44, head married, market gardener, Gloucestersire Henbury
Lydia Hunt 45, wife married, Gloucestershire Lawrence Weston
Ann Hunt 20, daughter unmarried, governess unemployed, Gloucestershire Kingsweston
Frances K. Hunt 16, daughter unmarried, Gloucestershire Kingsweston
George W. Hunt 12, son scholar, Gloucestershire Kingsweston
Walter J. Hunt 9, son scholar, Gloucestershire Kingsweston
Agnes M. Hunt 7, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire Kingsweston
Alfred R. Hunt 4 months, son, Gloucestershire Horfield
Henry Minty 16, boarder unmarried, labourer, Somerset

Census 1881.

William Hunt 54, head married, farmer of 17 acres and market gardener, Lawrence Weston Gloucestershire
Lydia Hunt 55, wife married, farmer’s wife, Lawrence Weston Gloucestershire
George W. Hunt 22, son unmarried, farmer’s son, Kingsweston Gloucestershire
Walter J. Hunt 19, son unmarried, farmer’s son, Lawrence Weston Gloucestershire
Sarah A. Hunt 28, daughter unmarried, dressmaker, Lawrence Weston Gloucestershire
Agnes M. Hunt 17, daughter unmarried, farmer’s daughter, Lawrence Weston Gloucestershire
Henry Minty 26, servant unmarried, gardener, Laverton Somerset
Samuel Wilkins 56, boarder unmarried, labourer, Sutton Somerset
Charles Yard 20, boarder unmarried, labourer, East Brent Somerset

Census 1891.
Beehive Inn

William Aitken 27, head married, publican and market gardener, Gloucestershire Sidenham
Mary E. Aitken 24, wife married, assistant in pub, Somerset Keynsham
Nellie E. Aitken 4, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire Horfield
Thomas B. Parker 15, wife’s brother, assistant gardener, Somerset Keynsham

Census 1901.

George W. Hunt 42, head married, inn keeper & gardener, Kingsweston Gloucestershire
Emma Hunt 41, wife married, Bristol
Ernest A. Hunt 13, son, Filton Gloucestershire
Herbert G. Hunt 4, son, Horfield Gloucestershire
Archibald R. Hunt 1, son, Horfield Gloucestershire
Alice L. M. Hunt 18, daughter single, barmaid assists at home, Filton Gloucestershire
Lilian F. Hunt 15, daughter single, Filton Gloucestershire
Nellie B. Hunt 12, daughter, Filton Gloucestershire
Gladys I. Hunt 10, daughter, Filton Gloucestershire
Evelyn M. Hunt, daughter, Filton Gloucestershire
Dorothy E. Hunt 6, daughter, Filton Gloucestershire
Florence M. Hunt 2, daughter, Horfield Gloucestershire

Census 1911.
Beehive Inn

George William Hunt 52, head married, market gardener, Gloucestershire Kingsweston
Emma Hunt 51, wife married, Bristol Bedminster
Alice Lydia Mary Hunt 28, daughter single, Gloucestershire Filton
Lilian Frances Hunt 25, daughter single, teacher of knitting at school for the blind, Gloucestershire Filton
Ernest Arty Hunt 23, son single, market gardener, Gloucestershire Filton
Nellie Beatrice Hunt 22, daughter single, telephone operator, Gloucestershire Filton
Evelyn May Hunt 17, daughter single, Gloucestershire Filton
Dorothy Emma Hunt 16, daughter single, architects clerk, Gloucestershire Filton
Herbert George Hunt 14, son, auctioneers office, Gloucestershire Filton
Florence Maud Hunt 12, daughter school, Gloucestershire Horfield
Gladys Irene Hunt 19, daughter single, educational student, Gloucestershire Filton