Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Hollybush Inn Bristol Hill

Bristol Museum collections

1871 – 83. Alfred Masters
1885 – 86. Eliza Masters
1891 – 95. Eli Law
1901 – 24. George Hadderell
1924 – 25. Kate Haddrell
1928 – 35. Ernest Bennett
1944 – 56. Mabel Mildred Yeats
1960. William F. Crotty
1975. M. R. W. Budd

Census 1871.

Alfred Masters 45, head married, labourer, Pilton Somerset
Ann Masters 47, wife married, West Pennard Somerset
Ellen Masters 17, daughter, Brislington Somerset
Arthur William Masters 13, son, labourer, Brislington Somerset
Eliza H. Masters 9, daughter scholar, Brislington Somerset
Agnes H. Masters 1, daughter, Brislington Somerset

Census 1881.

Alfred Masters 55, head married, labourer at gas works, Pilton Someret
Ann Masters 56, wife married, Pennard Somerset
Eliza H. Masters 18, daughter unmarried, letter carrier, Somerset Brislington
Agnes M. Masters 11, daughter scholar, Somerset Brislington
George Proverts 70, unmarried, road labourer, Somerset Brislington

Census 1891.

Eli A. Law 39, head married, publican, Kent
Ellen Law 37, wife married, Brislington
Agnes M. Masters 21, sister single, Brislington

Census 1901.

George Hadderell 39, head married, publican Somerset
Katie Hadderell 40, wife married, Somerset
Clara Hadderell 26, sister single, general domestic assistant, Somerset

Census 1911.

George James Haddrell 49, head married, licensee, Clifton
Kate Haddrell 50, wife married, assists in business, Clifton
Margaret Hutchinson 23, servant single, domestic, Clifton

© Pete Yeates

The Hollybush burned down in the 1890s, was re-built in 1903 and demolished 2007. This picture was kindly provided by Pete Yeates and shows the Hollybush being boarded up prior to demolition.