Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Old Crow Brentry

1836 to 1851 William Spray
1851. Mary Spray
1856. Thomas Hunt
1861 – 68. Joseph Hignell
1868 – 74. William Hignell
1879. Hester Hignell
1881 – 89. Frederick G. Tedder
1975. W. G. Ogbourne

On the death of Frederick Tedder in 1889 the Old Crow was closed, it was converted into private housing and remained residential until 1955. In 1959 a new Old Crow was built just a few feet from the old one, which was pulled down soon after.

Census 1841.

William Spray 52, victualler, born in county
Mary Spray 60, born in county
Thomas Holloway 53, born in county
Selina Spray 18, born in county

Census 1851.

Mary Spray 73, head widow, licensed victualler, Gloucestershire Frampton Cotterell
Margaret Holloway 76, sister widow, annuitant, Gloucestershire Frampton Cotterell
Thomas Holloway 68, brother in law widower, agricultural labourer, Gloucestershire Yate
Rebecca Webb 60, visitor unmarried, annuitant, Oxfordshire Brookhampton
George Fuller 30, servant unmarried, farm servant, Gloucestershire Clifton

Census 1861.

Joseph Hignell 74, head married, inn keeper, Northwick Gloucestershire
Hester Hignall 73, wife married, inn keeper’s wife, Berwick Gloucestershire
Hannah Robinson 35, daughter married, inn keeper’s daughter, Henbury Gloucestershire
George Robinson 11, son scholar, Gloucestershire
Henry Robinson 6, son scholar, Horfield Gloucestershire

Census 1871.

William Hignall 32, head married, licensed victualler, Gloucestershire Henbury
Hester Hignall 23, wife married, Gloucestershire Henbury
George Hignall 1, son, Gloucestershire Henbury
Mary Andrews 17, servant unmarried, general domestic servant, Bristol

Census 1881.

Frederick A. Tedder 39, head married, licensed victualler, Westbury on Trym Gloucestershire
Hester Tedder 33, wife married, Brentry Henbury Gloucestershire
George Tedder 11, son scholar, Brentry Henbury Gloucestershire
Emily C. H. Tedder 1, daughter scholar, Brentry Henbury Gloucestershire
Fanny Taylor 15, servant unmarried, servant, New Passage Gloucestershire
Henry Jenkins 50, servant unmarried, labourer, Westbury on Trym Gloucestershire
Robert Pople 40, servant widower, labourer, Knowle Henbury Gloucestershire