Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Royal Hotel Gloucester Road

1881. Henry E. Penny
1883. Jenneta Penny
1885. John Gunning
1886 to 1891. C. Wookey
1891. William Elkanah Wookey
1892 – 97. Charles Reilly
1901 – 04. G. Barnard (manager)
1911. Alfred Brice (manager)
1917. Alfred Wrigglesworth (manager)
1925. Herbert Harvey (proprietor)
1928 – 37. John Hartley (manager)
1944. Sidney Drewett (manager)
1950. Albert Knowles (manager)
1975. A. E. Murphy

Census 1881.

Henry E. Penny 42, head married, hotel proprietor, Bristol
Jenneta Penny 39, wife married, Somerset Yeovil
Arthur H. Penny 15, son scholar, Bristol
Jennifa L. Penny 13, daughter scholar, Bristol
Thomas W. Penny 11, son scholar, Bristol
Frity Ulrick 21, servant unmarried, waiter, Germany
Henry G. Helps 26, servant unmarried, barman, Bristol
Charles Alkins 22, servant unmarried, barman, Bath
James A. Walkley 21, servant unmarried, billiard marker, Bristol
Elihu L. Greenland 16, servant unmarried, boots, Somerset Road
Elizabeth Wills 51, servant widow, cook, Bristol
Jane Nuttycombe 23, servant unmarried, housemaid, Somerset Weare
Eliza S. Taylor 16, servant unmarried, kitchen maid, Staffordshire Brierly Hill

Census 1891.

William Elkanah Wookey 40, head married, licensed victualler, Woolwich Kent
Jane Wookey 38, wife married, Kenton Northumberland
Mary Emily Wookey 17, daughter single, assistant (inn) Newcastle on Tyne Northumberland
Ada Elizabeth Wookey 16, daughter single, assistant (inn) Gosforth Northumberland
Jane Anna Wookey 13, daughter, Gosforth Northumberland
Florence Gertrude Wookey 10, daughter, Bristol
Sarah Ann Venn 20, single, barmaid, Birmingham Warwickshire
Lucy Stroud 24, single, barmaid, Swindon Wiltshire
Clara Annie Chappel 19, servant single, chambermaid, Hawksbury Upton Gloucestershire
Martha Chappel 38, servant married, cook, Hawksbury Upton Gloucestershire
William John Blackwell 14, servant, servant boy, London Hackney

Census 1901.

George E. Barnard 34, head married, hotel manager, Wickwar Gloucestershire
Kate H. Barnard 37, wife married, St.Phillip’s Bristol
Reginald C. Barnard 8, son, Clifton Bristol
Harold Barnard 6, son, St.Phillip’s Bristol
Edith Barnard 6, daughter, St.Phillip’s Bristol
Eliza Bown 29, servant single, waitress, North British Canada
Rose Hall 20, servant single, cook, St.Phillp’s Bristol
Clara Hall 18, servant single, chambermaid, St.Phillp’s Bristol
Annie L. Mears 19, servant single, nurse, Shirehampton Gloucestershire
Sydney H. Newport 19, servant single, barman in hotel, Clifton Bristol
William T. Lock 22, servant single, barman in hotel, Torquay Devon
Albert R. White 15, servant, general help, Clifton Bristol

Census 1911.

Frederick Reed 51, servant married, hotel barman, Bedminster Bristol
Dudley Lewis 20, servant single, hotel barman, Bristol Gloucestershire
William Palmer 26, servant single, hotel barman, Bristol Gloucestershire
Pansy Slocombe 19, servant single, housemaid, Bristol Gloucestershire
Edgar Collins 21, servant single, hotel barman, Pill Somerset
Emily Buckingham 21, servant single, hotel kitchen maid, Marlborough Wiltshire
Joseph Warren 24, servant single, hotel boots, Bristol Gloucestershire
George Mare 63, servant married, hotel waiter, Bristol Gloucestershire
Alfred Brice 58, head married, hotel manager, Bristol Gloucestershire
Alfred Brice 31, son single, assistant (chemists), Bristol Gloucestershire
Arthur Brice 26, son single, electrical engineer, Shipbourne Kent
Winifred Nichole 23, visitor single, Bath
Alice Brice 56, wife married, hotel manageress, Manchester
F. S. Montague 45, visitor widower, engineer (shipping), Manchester
T. L. Ross 45, visitor married, superindendent steward (shipping), Liverpool

The 1911 census reveals that not counting the scullery, landing, lobby, closet, bathroom; nor warehouse, office or shop, the Royal Hotel had 17 rooms.