Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Royal Oak Gloucester Road

1851. Charlotte Fuller
1853 – 57. Samuel Alden
1871 – 77. John Attwell
1878 to 1881. Ann Attwell
1882 – 83. Edward Curtain
1885 – 88. William Davis
1891 – 1904. Sidney Middle
1909 -20. William Thomas Neal
1920 – 31. Edna Eliza Neal
1935 – 56. Harold V. King
1975. B. H. Jones

From Peter Cope: “re the Royal Oak on Gloucester Road, my great grandparents George and Sophia Southard were working there in the late 1880s but I don’t know in what capacity exactly. George is listed in Kelly’s as Manager”

Census 1851.

Charlotte Fuller 48, head widow, beer house keeper, Gloucestershire Ashleworth
William Fuller 17, son unmarried, shop lad, Middlesex Hounslow
John Fuller 15, son unmarried, office lad, Aberdeen
Charlotte Tavener, lodger, Gloucestershire Horfield
Thomas Condick 36, lodger unmarried, farm labourer, Gloucestershire Lydford

Census 1871.

John Attwell 57, head married, builder and publican, Gloucestershire
Ann Attwell 60, wife married, Devonshire
Edna Attwell 31, daughter unmarried, Gloucestershire
Edna Hiscox 2, granddaughter, Middlesex
Edward J. Curtain 23, son in law married, musician, Middlesex
Eliza Emma Curtain 21, daughter married, Gloucestershire
Albert E. Curteen 10 months, grandson, Kent

Census 1881.

Ann Attwell 70, head widow, inn keeper, Devon Exeter
Edna Hines 41, daughter married, laundress, Gloucestershire Westbury
Richard D. Hines 32, son in law, musician, Hampshire Sandport
Edna Hiscox 12, granddaughter scholar, Middlesex London

Census 1891.

Sidney Middle 34, head married, licensed victualler, Somerset
Peninah Middle 32, wife married, Gloucestershire
Alice B. Middle 10, daughter scholar, Bristol
Mabel K. Middle 6, daughter scholar, Bristol
Lily G. Middle 5, daughter scholar, Bristol
Nina F. Middle 3, daughter scholar, Bristol
Sidney A. Middle 18 months, son, Gloucestershire
Gilbert C. Middle 2 months, son, Gloucestershire
Rose Agnes Walton 18, general domestic servant, Somerset
Annie M. Enoch 17, general domestic servant, Gloucestershire

Census 1901.

Sidney Middle 44, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol
Penimah Middle 42, wife married, Bristol
Alice Middle 20, daughter single, Bristol
Mabel Middle 16, daughter single, Bristol
Lily Middle 15, daughter, Bristol
Nina Middle 13, daughter, Bristol
Sidney Middle 11, son, Horfield
Gilbert Middle 10, son, Horfield
Amy Parsons 27, cousin single, barmaid, Birmingham
Amelia Enoch 25, servant single, general domestic servant, Bristol
Arthur Pratly 27, servant single, groom, Bristol

Census 1911.

William Thomas Neal 55, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol
Edna Eliza Neal 42, wife married, London
Edna Florence Neal 19, daughter single, Bristol
William John Neal 17, son single, no occupation, Bristol
Henry George Neal 13, son, school, Bristol
Dorothy May Neal 11, daughter, school, Bristol
Hilda Mary Neal 10, daughter, school, Bristol
Fanny Louisa Neal 7, daughter, school, Bristol
Alfred Ernest Neal 5, son, school, Bristol
Clifford Malcolm Neal 3, son, Bristol