Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Bath Arms Hotel Bath Street
Previously known as the Angel, the Bath Hotel was at No. 27 Bath Street.

Angel Hotel
1870. John Riseley
1871. Edward Jones
1872. Albert Pingstone
1874. Margaret Weedon
1875 – 76. George Stewart
1877. James Harris
1879. John Northmore
1881. James Taylor
1883. John Griffiths

Bath Hotel
1886. William Davis
1888. Samuel Beeney
1889. Henry Knight
1890. Sidney Sturgiss
1891. Arthur Otter
1892 to 1893. Sarah Ann Tilley
1894. Ellen Harrill
1896. George Becker
1897. Elizabeth Barton
1899. Mrs M. Aston
1901. Mrs E. Blair
1904. F. Hembury
1906. Mrs. D. Barnfield
1909. Edgar Jenkins
1914. Thomas Pakeman
1917 – 21. William John Smith
1921. Reginald Weeks
1928. Isaac Bryant
1935. Elspeth Macrae
1937. James Rowsell
1938. Catherine Ardern
1944. Ethel MacMillan
1950. Frederick Sainsbury
1953. William Cooper
1956. Donald E. Cleaver

Bristol’s Lost Pubs collection

The picture below, which shows the pub in the 1960s and probably by then closed, was kindly provided by John Smith, John’s grandfather was landlord William John Smith who left the employ of nearby Georges’ Brewery to take up an appointment with Liverpool brewer Walker Cain. The lady in the photograph is John’s aunt, both she and John’s father were born in the Bath Hotel in 1919. The main picture shows that in the early 1950s the Bath Hotel was a ‘Simonds’ house, both Georges and Simonds were taken over by Courage & Barclay Ltd. in 1960/61. This part of Bath Street was demolished in August 1967 for an extension to the Georges’ Brewery lorry park.

Census 1871.

Edward Jones 31, head married, licensed victualler, Gloucestershire Nailsworth
Annie Jones 24, wife married, Leicestershire Leicester

Census 1881.

James Taylor 42, head married, licensed victualler and naval reserve, Somerset Wellington
Elizabeth Taylor 36, wife married, Somerset Long Ashton
William Alfred Taylor 8, son, scholar, Gloucestershire Bristol
Albert Edward Taylor 7, son, scholar, Gloucestershire Bristol
Florence Elizabeth Taylor 5, daughter, scholar, Devon Devonport
James Ernest Taylor 2, son, Devon Plymouth
Alice Maud Taylor 14 days, daughter, Gloucestershire Bristol
Elizabeth Marsh 60, nurse widow, monthly nurse, Gloucestershire Bristol

Census 1891.

Arthur Otter 38, head married, licensed victualler, Broadway Dorset
Jane Otter 34, wife married, Witherby Dorset