Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Boar’s Head Redcliff Street

On the corner with Jones’ Lane, the Boar’s Head narrowly missed demolition in 1936 when the new inner circuit road was cut through the bottom of Redcliff Hill. The pub then survived until 1941 when it was flattened by Hitler’s bombs.

1752. Daniel Millet
1775. Mary Dean
1792. William Jones
1800. William Bishop
1809 to 1835. James Blannin
1836 to 1852. James Blannin jnr
1852 to 1853. Ann Blannin
1854 to 1855. Charles Manning
1856 to 1858. W. H. Turner
1859. George Gunning
1860. Mark Helmore
1861 to 1874. Mark Sellek
1875 to 1878. Isaac Hall
1879. Sarah Hall
1881 – 83. William Higgs
1886. Charles Dawson
1887 to 1888. Charles Edwin Hill
1889. Marshall Flower
1891. John Thompson
1892 – 94. John Naylor
1896. Henry Crates
1897 – 99. Edwin Dibble
1901. Samuel Hobbs
1901. Arthur John Collins Cleaves
1904. William Davis
1906 – 17. Herbert Templeman
1921. Edgar Denning
1925. Thomas Ross
1928 – 31. William Richardson
1935. Dorothy Clark
1937. Arthur Gill

The Bristol Mirror. Saturday September 6th 1823

To be sold by private contract.
A dwelling house, being No. 71, in Redcliff Street, in the occupation of Mr. James Blanning, dealer in spirits. The house consists of 3 rooms on the ground floor, 4 on the bedroom floor, and 2 attics.

Census 1841.

James Blannin 34, publican, born in county
Ann Blannin 35, not born in county
Mary Lawson 13, born in county
Susan Evans 21, servant, born in county

Census 1851.

James Blanning 41, Licensed Victualler, Bristol
Ann Blanning 43, wife married,Bristol
Ann Frayne 22, Niece unmarried, barmaid, Devon Barnstaple
Mary Nurde 23, Servant unmarried, Stoke Gifford
Thomas Newbury 14, Servant, Bristol
John Bussell 27, Cooper, Somerset Taunton

Census 1861.

Mark Selleck 28, head married, licensed victualler, Devon
Izette Selleck 22, wife married, Devon Exeter
Mira Selleck 17, sister unmarried, Devon
Mary Plant 60, servant married, servant, Devon Sherbourne
Mark Helmore 8, grandson, Devon St.Davids Exon
Mark Selleck 11 months, grandson, Bristol
John Baker 48, visitor married, brushmaker, Bedminster
Ann Baker 45, wife married, Bristol
James Baker 17, son unmarried, brushmaker, Bristol
Alfred Baker 3, son scholar, Bristol
Emily Baker 8, daughter scholar, Bristol
Margaret Williams 76, visitor widow, St.Lukes Bristol
Ann Monday 70, visitor widow, Bedminster
Michael Rowes 67, visitor married, labourer, Ireland St.George
Mary Rowes 57, wife married, Ireland St.George

The following information was provided by Peter Cope:
Mary Plant was the mother of Izette Sellek and the grandmother of the two boys, Mark Sellek and Mark Helmore. Peter is fairly certain that Mark Helmore was 18 in 1861 and not 8 as shown in the census. Peter also points out that the family name is in fact Sellek not Selleck or Sellick. Mark and Izette Sellek went on to run the Boar’s Head in St.Luke’s Road, Bedminster

Census 1871.

Mark Sellick 39, head married, licensed victualler, Devon Collaton Nawleigh
Izette Iris Sellick 34, wife married, Devon Exeter
Mark Sellick 10, son scholar, Bristol
Tom Sellick 9, son scholar, Bristol
Mary Ann Day 35, servant unmarried, general servant, Somerset Combwitch

Census 1881.

William Higgs 33, head married, publican, Birmingham
Louisa Higgs 32, wife married, Bristol
William Higgs 15, son, Bristol
George Higgs 10, son scholar, Bristol
Anney Frapple 20, servant unmarried, Bristol

Census 1891.

John Thompson 55, head married, licensed victualler, Lancashire Ulverston
Mary A. Thompson 42, wife married, Devon Appledore
Ada M. Thompson 14, daughter, Glamorganshire Swansea
John G. Thompson 13, son, Glamorganshire Swansea
Susan Harding 66, servant widow, domestic, Gloucestershire Fishponds

Census 1901.

Arthur John Collins Cleaves 36, head married, licensed victualler, High Littleton Somerset
Minnie Cleaves 36, wife married, Bristol
Harold John Collins Cleaves 7 months, son, Hallatrow Somerset

Census 1911.

Herbert Templeman 36, head married, inn keeper, Bristol
Kate Templeman 36, wife married, Somerset Weston-Super-Mare
Gordon Templeman 14, son, mechanical engineers draughtsman, Bristol
Colston Templeman 12, son, school, Bristol
Cicil Templeman 10, son, school, Bristol