Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Jolly Sailor Temple Back

Bristol Records Office

1837. ? Collins
1839 – 58. William Battershill
1860 – 63. Aaron Dando
1865. W. Shabland
1866. J. Dickenson
1867. Josiah Patrick Baylis
1868 to 1875. Rueben Sargent
1876 to 1877. Joseph Pool
1878 to 1891. George Collings
1892 – 94. Sarah Collings
1896. Julia Derrick
1899. Isaac Williams
1901. Joseph Perry
1904. Thomas Foxon
1906. Sarah Jane Pattison

On the corner with Ash Lodge, this pub was converted into an ordinary House in 1906, the area is now under Temple Way. The name over the door in this picture is Sarah J. Pattison. William Battershill was also a wharfinger and a coal merchant at Albion Wharf, Commercial Road, Temple Back.

Census 1841.

William Battershill 35, coal miner, born in county
Elizabeth Battershill 25, born in county
Mary Battershill 3, born in county
George Collins 10, born in county
Elizabeth Perryman 15, servant, born in county

Census 1851.

William Battershill 48, head married, Beer House Keeper, Bristol
Elizabeth Battershill 38, wife married, Bristol

Census 1861.

Aaron Dando 36, head married, chain & anchor maker, Gloucestershire Coalpit Heath
Elizabeth Dando 33, wife married, Bristol
Ellen Stone 12, servant, domestic servant, Gloucestershire Coalpit heath

Census 1871.

Reuben Sargent 45, head married, wheelwright and publican, Gloucestershire
Caroline Sargent 40, wife married, Bristol

Census 1881.

George Collings 68, head married, beer retailer, Bristol Gloucester
Elizabeth Collings 67, wife married, Bristol Gloucester
Elizabeth Rafter 42, daughter widow, seamstress, Bristol Gloucester
Mary A. Collings 40, daughter unmarried, seamstress unemployed, Bristol Gloucester
Sarah Collings 30, daughter unmarried, barmaid, Bristol Somerset
James Rafter 18, grandson unmarried, clerk at a college, Bristol Somerset
Thomas Rafter 16, grandson unmarried, porter, Bristol Somerset

Census 1891.

George Collings 78, head widower, landlord, Bristol
Mary A. Collings 50 daughter single, Bristol
Sarah Collings 38, daughter single, Bristol

Census 1901.

Joseph Perry 46, head married, fitter also beer retailer, Staffordshire Tamworth
Margaret Ann Perry 41, wife married, Glamorganshire Briton Ferry
Joseph Reginald Perry 21, son single, electric wireman, Glamorganshire Aberdare
Gertrude Maude Perry 17, daughter single, Glamorganshire Llantrisant
Geoffrey David Perry 12, son, Glamorganshire Briton Ferry
Irma Irene Perry 7, daughter, Glamorganshire Aberdare
Thomas Fletcher 42, boarder married, tinsmith, Shropshire Wenlock