Bristol’s Lost Pubs

King’s Head Cathay

On the corner with Somerset Place the King’s Head was demolished in 1959 when the area was redeveloped. To the right can just be seen the Somerset House off license in Langton Street.

1839 – 41. George Cole
1844 – 48. Elizabeth Langdon
1849. Thomas Jenkins
1851 – 70. Elizabeth Jenkins
1871. Emily Ford
1871 to 1901. Walter Burland
1901. William George Saunders
1904. Emily Cass
1906 – 21. William Stone
1925 – 37. William Stephens
1938. Frederick Stephens
1944 – 56. Thomas West Evans

Census 1841.

George Cole 50, publican, not born in county
Elizabeth Cole 70, independent means, not born in county
Sarah Cripps 55, independent means, born in county
Hester Martin 15, servant, born in county
Richard Gapper 50, sawyer, born in county
Frances Gapper 50, born in county
George Gapper 15, sawyer, born in county
Charlotte Gapper 15, milliner, born in county
John Ovenden 30, hostler, born in county
Sarah Ovenden 30, born in county
John Ovenden 4, born in county
Elizabeth Ovenden 2, born in county

Census 1851.

Elizabeth Jenkins 44, head married, beer house keeper, Cross Somerset
Elizabeth Fry 21, niece unmarried, Bristol
Clara A. Langdon 16, daughter unmarried, Bristol
Emily Jenkins 5, daughter, Bristol
John Jenkins 1, son, Bristol
Ann Cole 78, lodger widow, laundress, Bristol
William Adams 21, lodger married, blacksmith, Bristol
Rebecca Adams 28, lodger married, tailoress, Bristol
Moses Vertine 45, lodger married, “Jew”, Poland
Carolina Vertine 35, lodger married, tailoress, Bristol
Samuel Vertine 11, lodger (son), Bristol
Rebecca Vertine 8, daughter, Bristol
Louisa Vertine 4, daughter, Bristol
Henry Hussey 24, lodger unmarried, brush maker, Bristol

Census 1861.

Elizabeth Jenkins 54, head widow, publican, Somerset Bristol
Emily Jenkins 15, daughter, Somerset Bristol
Mary Jowels 69, lodger widow, Somerset Polton Hill ??
Richard Dasou ? 38, lodger unmarried, turner, Bristol
Charles Riney 35, visitor married, porter, Scotland
Elizabeth Riney 24, visitor married, Bristol
William Chaffey 59, boarder married, fish dealer, Somerset Yeovil
Ann Chaffey 58, boarder married, Somerset Yeovil

Census 1871.

Emily Ford 25, married husband at sea, beerhouse keeper, Bristol
Henry F. Ford 9 months, son, Bristol
Clara Champion 12, niece scholar, Bristol
Mary Jones 54, visitor, out of business, Cardiganshire Llanarth
Martha Jones 17, servant unmarried, general servant, Bristol

Census 1881.

Walter Burland 33, head married, beer retailer, Nailsea Somerset
Sarah Ann Burland 33, wife married, Bristol
Florence Minnie Burland 10, daughter scholar, Bath Somerset
William Herbert John Burland 9, son scholar, Bristol
Mabel Matilda Burland 8, daughter scholar, Bristol
Francis Walter Edgar Burland 7, son scholar, Bristol
Madeline Burland 6, daughter scholar, Bristol
Sarah Jane Davis 16, servant unmarried, general servant, Bristol

Census 1891.

Walter Burland 43, head married, beer retailer, Somerset Nailsea
Sarah A. Burland 43, wife married, Bristol Bedminster
Florence M. Burland 20, daughter single, Bristol Bedminster
William Burland 19, son single, grocer (wholesale), Bristol Bedminster
Mabel M. Burland 18, daughter single, Bristol Bedminster
Francis Burland 17, son single, grocer (wholesale) Bristol Bedminster
Madeline Burland 16, daughter single, Bristol Bedminster

Census 1901.

William George Saunders 31, head married, publican and house decorator, Bristol
Laura Saunders 30, wife married, Somerset Oakhill
Olive Saunders 5, daughter, Bristol
Reggie Saunders 3, son, Bristol
Edward Saunders 1, son, Bristol
Frederick Saunders 29, brother widower, colour grinder (ink), Bristol

Census 1911.

William, Henry Stone 57, head married, brushmaker branch pan hand, Bristol
Amelia Stone 58, wife married, Liverpool Lancashire
Mr. Stone adds that male work is declining through female sweating using bristle, horsehair and fibre.