Bristol’s Lost Pubs

King’s Head Temple Street (Victoria Street)
The King’s Head lost its Temple Street address in the early 1870s when Victoria Street was made.

1800 – 06. John Pew
1816. Thomas Lock
1820 – 34. Edward Allen
1837. John Allen
1840. Edward Allen
1844. William Brown
1847 – 63. Matthew Eager
1865 – 89. George Mark Eager
1891. Richard Quarterman
1892 – 1900. Elizabeth Rogers
1904. Thomas Meredith
1906. Alfred Harris
1909. Edward Collins
1914 – 44. Herbert Mills
1950 – 76. Albert E. Spragg

On the 25th March 1887 the King’s Head was taken on a 14 year lease at a rent of £30 per annum by James Lockley, brewer of Lewin’s Mead. The lease was one of 22 sold by James Lockley to the Bristol United Breweries Limited on the 25th March 1892, for the total sum of £11,000.

Census 1851.

Matthew Eager 47, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol
Eliza Eager 42, wife married, Clifton Worcestershire
Maria Collins 17, step daughter unmarried, milliner, Bristol
Eliza Manley 22, unmarried, house servant, Bristol

Census 1861.

Mathew Eager 57, head married, victualler, Bristol
Eliza Eager 52, wife married, Worcestershire Clifton
Eliza Crocker 29, servant unmaried, barmaid, Bristol
Susan Creese 17, servant unmarried, general servant, Bristol

Census 1871.

George M. Eager 29, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol
Rosina Eager 26, wife married, Bristol
Elizabeth Hoskins 20, servant unmarried, general servant, Bristol

Census 1881.

George M. Eager 39, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol
Rosina Eager 36, wife married, Bristol
Frank Eager 9, son scholar, Bristol
Edwin Eager 4, son scholar, Bristol
Rosina Bissicks 17, niece unmarried, barmaid, Bristol
Caroline Withy 19, servant unmarried, Bristol

Census 1891.

Richard Quarterman 41, head married, licensed victualler, Oxfordshire Garsington
Emily Quarterman 23, wife married, Wiltshire Swindon
Daisey Quarterman 1, daughter, Bristol
Clara Purnell 27, servant single, general servant, Bristol
Rose Brown 14, servant, general servant, Bristol