Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Lamb & Flag 127 Temple Street / 101 Victoria Street

1755. Francis Allen
1775. William Slocombe
1792 – 94. John Simmons
1806. John Muir
1816 – 37. William Ellis
1838 to 1854. James (Lazarus) Herman
1855. Elizabeth Herman
1857. M. Herman
1860. Samuel Conyer
1861 to 1865. Charles Good
1866 to 1889. Isaac Bizley
1890 to 1891. Elizabeth Bizley
1891 – 94. Sarah Ann Oxenham
1896. Stanley Jones
1897 – 1906. Herbert Thomas
1909. Charles Reilley
1911. Ernest Alfred Palmer
1914. Kathleen Rice
1917. Ernest Gould
1921. Thomas Rodie
1928. William Vale
1931. George Hasell
1935 – 37. Frederick Chubb

The Lamb & Flag narrowly missed demolition when Victoria Street was cut through Temple Street in the early 1870s, the pub and a few other buildings were given Victoria Street addresses when the new street opened. The Lamb & Flag met the same fate as many buildings in this area when it was bombed in the war. The signs in the windows advertise … Old Times Draught Whiskies, 2d, 3d, & 4d. All Specials in Bottle.

Census 1841.

Lazarus Herman 40, victualler, born in county
John Herman 15, boots, born in county
Mary Stadden 18, servant, born in county
Caroline Sealy 20, servant, born in county
George Herman 60, tailor, born in county
John Coleman 25, tailor, born in county
Alexander Lewis 23, commercial traveller, foreign
Davis 50, traveller, foreign
George Malmouth 30, foreign
Lewis Aarons 22, traveller, not born in county
Adolphus Neuman 29, traveller, foreign
Solomon Davis 22, traveller, not born in county
Isaac Davis 20, traveller, not born in county
John Raphil 25, traveller, not born in county
Samuel Paronis 25, traveller, not born in county
Joel Davis 30, traveller, born in county

Census 1851.

James Herman 48, head married, victualler, Somerset Bathampton
Elizabeth Herman 50, wife married, wife to victualler, Somerset Road
Elizabeth Herman 19, daughter unmarried, barmaid, Bristol
Maria Brown 28, servant unmarried, cook, Somerset
Sarah Ashborne 20, servant unmarried, chambermaid, Somerset Road
Isaac Dausta 51, lodger married, commercial traveller, London
Moses Solomon 31, lodger married, commercial traveller, Exeter
George Bateson 27, lodger unmarried, Gentleman, Newport Monmouthshire
Henry Meyers 27, lodger married, commercial traveller, Holland
Lyons 28, lodger married, picture dealer, Suffolk
John Samuels 29, lodger married, commercial traveller, London
Robert Good 30, lodger unmarried, commercial traveller, Westminster
Kiehelson 60, lodger unmarried, commercial traveller, Hamburg
Cohen 79, lodger unmarried, commercial traveller, Breschlaw Prussia
Humphrey Callaghan 38, lodger married, silk mercer, Ireland Cork
Isaacs over 20, lodger unmarried, commercial traveller, London
William Rosenthal over 20, lodger married, commercial traveller, Prussia
George Gunter over 20, lodger unmarried, Somerset
Unknown over 20
Unknown over 20

Census 1861.

Charles Good 42, head married, licensed victualler, Somerset Bristol
Caroline Good 39, wife married, Gloucestershire Clifton
Sarah C … 38, servant widow, house servant Glamorganshire Cardiff
Jane Griffiths 22, servant unmarried, house servant, Glamorganshire Cardiff
Samuel Butler 21, boarder unmarried, traveller, London
Thomas Butler 23, boarder unmarried, traveller, London
Thomas Burton 21, boarder unmarried, traveller, Oxfordshire Oxford
Henry Bellaire 50, boarder married, surgeon, Durham Sunderland
James Clark 40, boarder married, dentist, Birmingham
Isaac Rosenthal 35, boarder unmarried, apothecary, Germany (naturalised British subject)
Moses Vineberg 30, boarder unmarried, traveller, Poland (naturalised British subject)
John Freeman 73, boarder married, scrivener, Bristol
Charles Smith 16, boarder unmarried, traveller, Germany (naturalised British subject)
Alfred Mountjon 13, boarder, Germany (naturalised British subject)
James Fiddler 40, boarder married, traveller, Somerset Bridgwater
Thomas Way 28, boarder unmarried, traveller, Somerset Bridgwater
Abraham Kaufman 51, boarder unmarried, traveller, Poland (naturalised British subject)

Census 1871.

Isaac Bisley 50, head married, inn keeper, Honiton Devon
Mary A. Bisley 52, wife married, Colyton Devon
William Bisley 20, son unmarried, coachman, Castle Cary
Mary Ann Bisley 18, daughter unmarried, at home, Castle Cary
Elizabeth Bisley 16, daughter unmarried, at home, Castle Cary
Emily Smith 5, granddaughter, London
Meyer Charik 40, lodger married, commercial traveller, Posen Prussia
Nathan Lawrence 45, lodger married, optician, Exeter
Benjamin Coker 30, lodger unmarried, commercial traveller, London

Census 1881.

Isaac Bizley 60, head married, licensed victualler, Devon Honiton
Mary Ann Bizley 62, wife married, Devon Cottington
Mary Ann Hillman 27, daughter widow, retired green grocer, Somerset Castle Cary
Elizabeth Bizley 25, daughter unmarried, bar attendant, Somerset Castle Cary
Elizabeth Smith 6, granddaughter scholar, Middlesex London
Edward Lanham 44, lodger widower, mail cart driver, Somerset Bath
Thomas Griffiths 30, lodger unmarried, commercial traveller, Worcestershire Leydon
Henry Kepple 46, lodger married, manufacturer of fancy stationary, Middlesex St.Pancras
Juda Mendos 45, lodger married, jewellery dealer, Whitechapel London

Census 1891.

Sarah Ann Oxenham 38, head widow, licensed victualler, Swansea Wales
Richard G. Oxenham 19, son single, clerk, London
Marion E. Oxenham 17, daughter single, barmaid, Somerset Bath
Vivian H. Oxenham 12, son scholar, Somerset Bath
William L. Oxenham 10, son scholar, Somerset Bath
Mabel F. Oxenham 8, daughter scholar, Bristol
Gladys A. Oxenham 2, daughter, Bristol
Mary A. George 30, visitor single, living on her own means, Carmarthenshire Langhorn
Benjamin Woolfe 35, boarder married, general dealer, London Bishopsgate
Elizabeth Lewis 22, servant single, domestic servant, North Wales Denbigh

Census 1901.

Herbert Thomas 53, head married, wine agent, Shropshire Ludlow
Elizabeth Thomas 49, wife married, Hereford
Alfred James Thomas 25, son single, compositor, Bristol
Lily Thomas 23, daughter single, Bristol
Archibald Thomas 14, son, office boy (clerk), Bristol
Frank Thomas 13, son, Bristol
Mabel Thomas 8, daughter, Bristol
Joseph Thomas 7, son, Bristol

Census 1911.

Ernest A. Palmer 38, head married, licensed victualler, London St.John’s Wood
Caroline E. Palmer 32, wife married, Bristol
Francis V. Palmer 16, daughter single, millinery apprentice, London Hammersmith
Winifred Palmer 15, daughter, drapery apprentice, Surrey Hampton
Reginald Palmer 3, son, Bristol

Not counting the scullery, landing, lobby, closet, bathroom; nor office, warehouse and shop, the Lamb & Flag boasted 20 rooms.