Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Myrtle Tree Thomas Street

1816. John Anjer
1820. Evan Davis
1823 – 32. William Hopkins
1834. Elizabeth Hopkins
1837. J. Honey
1839. Mary Ann Knight
1840. James Allen
1841 – 44. William Beer
1847. George Redland
1848 – 49. T. Hillier
1851. James Bush
1852. John Morris
1853 to 1855. George Nock
1856. B. Brown
1857 to 1865. Isaac Bizley
1866 to 1871. Thomas Stephens
1872. Jemima Brotherhood
1873. Isaac Mead
1874 to 1881. Eli Skidmore
1882. Elizabeth Skidmore

Near the corner with Mitchell Lane, the Myrtle Tree which was one of many coaching inns in the vicinity of Thomas Street closed in the early 1880s when it became the parcels office of the London & North Western Railway Company. The connection with parcels seems to date from earlier times, in the 1860s landlord Isaac Bizley was also a mail contractor. This picture shows the building in the 1890s.

Census 1841.

William Beer 30, publican, born in county
Anna Beer 27, born in county
Ann Nichols 27, servant, born in county
John Ellis 50, brewer, born in county
Henry Newick 38, labourer, born in county
Martha Newick 44, born in county
James Newick 11, born in county

Census 1851.

James Bush 60, head married, publican, Taunton
Elisabeth Bush 59, wife married, publicans wife, Bristol Knowle
James Bush 19, son unmarried, farrier and blacksmith, Bristol Knowle
Elisabeth Bush 17, daughter unmarried, publicans daughter, Bristol Knowle
William Bush 14, son, publicans son, Bristol Knowle
Eliza Crocome 39, visitor widow, Guernsey
William Williams 30, visitor widower, Monmouthshire Newport
Clara Crocome 3, visitor, Bristol

Census 1861.

Isaac Bizley 40, head married, innkeeper, Honiton Devon
Mary Ann Bizley 42, wife married, Colyton Devon
Emma Bizley 14, daughter, dressmaker, Castle Cary Somerset
John Bizley 12, son scholar, Castle Cary Somerset
William Bizley 10, son scholar, Castle Cary Somerset
Mary Ann Bizley 7, daughter scholar, Castle Cary Somerset
Elizabeth Bizley 5, daughter scholar, Castle Cary Somerset
Isaac Bizley 1, son, Bristol
Nathan Lpyers 23, unmarried, traveller, Poland
William Bizley 22, nephew unmarried, mail cart driver, Honiton Devon
Elizabeth Gare 50, boarder widow, monthly nurse, Weare Somerset
Hunter Allan 20, boarder unmarried, traveller, Bristol
Elizabeth Britton 50, boarder unmarried, cook, Bristol