Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Saracen’s Head Temple Gate

1752 – 53. John Hooper
1755. Widow Hooper
1764. James Foot
1764. Hannah Foot
1792 – 94. John Hill
1800 – 06. John Townsend
1811 – 20. Thomas Applin
1822. John Springford
1823 – 25. William Gammon
1828 – 37. Charles Hurditch
1839 – 49. William Price
1851 – 54. Mary Price
1855. S. Bennett
1856. Daniel Bennett
1858 -77. Henry Horatio Giles
1877 – 87. Charlotte Giles
1891. Robert Warren

Census 1841.

William Price 35, inn keeper, born in county
Mary Price 30, born in county
John Price 13, born in county
Ellen Price 13, born in county
Jane Price 9 months, born in county
Joseph Harper 20, servant, born in county
Harriett Phipps ? 25, servant, born in county
Ann Bishop 15, servant, born in county
Sarah Phipps 20, servant, born in county
Ellen McCarthy 12, servant, Ireland
Robert Pickering 25, engineer, born in county
John Martin 18, engineer, born in county
Michael O’Phee 50, smith, Ireland
William Sleeas ? 25, independent means, born in county

Census 1851.

Mary Price, Widow/er 46 Publican Frocester
Sarah Price 22, Bitton
Hannah Price 17, Bristol
Thomas Price 16, Bristol
Mary Richards 30, Waiter, Lon
Ann Jones 46, Cook, Gloucester St Georges
Elizabeth Frond 20, Chambermaid, Downend
Joseph Lilly 17, Porter, Clifton
George Coles 27, Ostler, Ever— Somerset
William Lewis 22, Servant, Bristol
Edward Hartman 39, Visitor, Landed Proprietor, India,
Thomas Royal 23, Visitor, Architect & Engineer, Chester
Charles Did ? 40, Visitor, House proprietor, Taunton

Census 1861.

Henry H. Giles 62, head married, hotel proprietor, born at the Battle of the Nile, English
Charlotte Giles 45, wife married, hotel proprietor, Cambridge
Biddy C. Giles 2, daughter, Somerset Bristol
Caroline H. Brown 29, boarder unmarried, lady, Somerset Bristol
Sarah More 37, boarder unmarried, lady, Wiltshire
F. More 35, boarder unmarried, lady, Wiltsire
James More 25, boarder unmarried, agriculturist, Wiltshire
John Kelly 50, boarder married, Oxfordshire
Charles Bevan 23, boarder unmarried, commercial traveller, Gloucestershire
James Josy 38, boarder unmarried, manufacturer, Sheffield
Henry B. Hill 31, boarder married, farmer, Gloucestershire Newland
James Garled 26, boarder unmarried, warehouseman, Gloucestershire Newland
Ann ?? 30, servant widow, barmaid, Gloucestershire Bristol
Charles Toms 38, servant married, ostler of Saracen’s Head, Dorsetshire Gunville
R. H. Toms 38, wife married, ostler of Saracen’s Head, Dorsetshire Gunville
Frederick Toms 14, Son, clerk of Saracen’s Head, Dorsetshire Gunville
John Miller 21, boarder unmarried, under ostler, Gloucestershire Stanton Wick
Robert Pearce 22, servant unmarried, waiter, Somerset Coombe Down
Frederick Pulligar 22, servant unmarried, porter, Devon Castle County
James Salter 16, servant unmarried, under porter, Somerset Rockwell Green
William Doble 15, servant unmarried, under porter, Somerset Minehead
Amelina Pearce 16, servant unmarried, semstress, Somerset Temple Cloud
Louisa Hill 36, servant widow, cook, Somerset Barrow
Cecilia Thompson 24, servant unmarried, chamber maid, Gloucestershire Higham Sutton
Ruth Bowden 19, servant unmarried, under chambermaid, Somerset Clutton
Harriett Petherbridge 15, servant unmarried, kitchen maid, Somerset Axebridge

Census 1881.

Elizabeth Giles 66, head widow, hotel keeper, Cambridge England
Amy Tew 22, servant unmarried, barmaid, Newport Monmouthshire
Alice Tew 19, servant unmarried, barmaid, Exeter Devon England
Hannah Garrett 50, servant unmarried, cook, South Petherton Somerset England
Alice Tilley 20, servant unmarried, waitress, Ashton Wiltshire England
Ellen Gillham 22, servantunmarried, chambermaid, Surrey England
Emily Sampson 22, servant unmarried, general servant, Bristol Somerset England
Alfred Saville 16, servant unmarried, boots (inn), Holly Head Wales
Samuel Hurd 31, servant married, ostler, London Lambeth Middlesex England

Bristol Mirror, Saturday, 5th October, 1822.