Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Anchor High Street

Gordon Arms
1851 – 56. William Hathway
1857 – 58. Charles Hodges

1861. Charles Hodges
1870 – 76. Martha Hodges
1881. Philip Marks
1883 – 86. J. Marks
1888 – 95. Clara Marks
1897 – 1906. Frank Parker
1911 – 19. William Henry Thomas
1928 – 35. William Taylor
1938. Thomas Benjamin
1939. Cecil John Bailey
1948. Ivy Winifred Bailey

Later known as the Poacher

Census 1851.
Gordon Arms

William Hathway 27, head married, publican, Gloucestershire Henbury
Maria Hathway 27, wife married, Somerset Lympsham
Albert Hathway 7 months, son, Gloucestershire Clifton
Mary Horner 22, visitor unmarried, Somerset Lympsham
William Molloy 22, visitor unmarried, Somerset Bath
William Sopp 29, servant unmarried, house servant, Somerset Bath
Ellen Drew 15, servant unmarried, house servant, Dorsetshire Fifehead

Census 1861.

Charles Hodges 63, head married, inn keeper, Somerset Portishead
Martha Hodges 48, wife married, Somerset Portishead
Ann Mitchell 27, daughter married, Somerset Clapton
Samuel Hodges 22, son unmarried, groom, Somerset Clapton
Charles Hodges 19, son unmarried, painter, Somerset Portbury
Mary Hodges 17, daughter unmarried, Somerset Portishead
Eliza Hodges 15, daughter unmarried, Somerset Portishead
William Hodges 7, son scholar, Somerset Portishead
Charles Mitchell 1, grandson, Somerset Portishead

Census 1871.

Martha Hodges 57, head widow, inn keeper, Somerset Winscombe
Ann Mitchell 36, daughter married, Somerset Clapton
Eliza Hodges 22, daughter unmarried, Somerset Portishead
William Hodges 17, son unmarried, carpenter, Somerset Portishead
Charles Mitchell 11, grandson scholar, Somerset Portishead
Amelia A. Mitchell 6, granddaughter scholar, Somerset Portishead
William J. Hodges 2, grandson, Somerset Portishead
Sophia Wolf 17, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Somerset Axbridge

Census 1881.

Phillip Marks 56, head widower, victualler, Brislington Somerset
Clara Marks 27, daughter, housekeeper, Clifton Gloucestershire
Agnes Marks 18, daughter, assistant, Clifton Gloucestershire
William Burchell 27, ostler, Backwell Somerset
John Waits 68, agricultural labourer, Clevedon Somerset

Census 1891.

Clara Marks 37, head single, licensed victualler, Gloucestershire Bristol
Ada Marks 30, sister single, licensed victualler, Gloucestershire Bristol
Leslie Almond 2, nephew, Somerset Street
Robert Bassett 19, servant single, general domestic servant, Somerset Meare

Census 1901.

Frank Parker 35 , head married, inn keeper, Scotland
Clara Parker 47, wife married, Bristol
Agnes Parker 6, daughter, Somerset Portishead
Annie Robbins 21, servant single, barmaid, Somerset Portishead
Robert Sydenham 14, servant, hostler groom, Kingsbrompton

Census 1911.

William Thomas 47, head married, licensed victualler, Portishead Somersetshire
Mary Thomas 47, wife married, Swansea Wales
Daisy Thomas 26, daughter single, assisting in business, Portishead Somertsetshire
Lily Thomas 20, daughter single, elementary school teacher (County Council) Portishead Somersetshire
William Thomas 18, son single, assisting in business, Portishead Somersetshire
Robert Sydenham 22, servant single, farm labourer, Taunton Somersetshire

The 1911 census reveals that not counting the scullery, landing, lobby, closet, bathroom; nor warehouse, office or shop, the Anchor had 12 rooms.