Bristol’s Lost Pubs

King’s Arms Inn Easton in Gordano

1830 – 41. George Derrick
1844. John Gange
1851 – 61. William Simmons
1871 – 76. Rachel Simmons
1881 – 94. George Bryant
1901. George Bishop
1904. E. Cole
1911. Maurice Gerrish
1914. Alice Gerrish
1919. William Tregarthen
1928. Owen Brice
1931 – 38. Henry Hayward
1960. Arthur W. Williams

Census 1841.

George Derrick 40, publican, not born in county
Dinah Derrick 40, not born in county
George Derrick 14, born in county
Annett Derrick 16, born in county

Census 1851.

William Simmons 57, head married, inn keeper & farmer of 60 acres, Somerset Portbury
Rachel Simmons 55, wife married, Somerset St.George
Mary Simmons 25, daughter unmarried, Somerset Portbury
Henry Simmons 23, son unmarried, Somerset Portbury
Ann Simmons 18, daughter unmarried, Somerset Portbury
Catherine West 80, lodger widow, annuitant, Bristol, (blind)
Edward Grigg 17, servant unmarried, farm servant, Somerset St.George
John Haskins 12, servant, house servant, Somerset St.George
James Buck 23, lodger unmarried, mariner & annuitant, Somerset St.George
John Gange 55, lodger widower, retired inn keeper, Somerset Taunton

Census 1861.

William Simmons 64, head married, inn keeper & farmer of 100 acres employing 2 men, Easton in Gordano
Rachel Simmons 61, wife married, Somerset Easton in Gordano
Henry Simmons 35, son unmarried, grazier, Somerset Portbury
Anne Gilmore 36, daughter widow, Somerset Portbury
John Gange 67, brother in law widower, retired inn keeper, Devon Ilfracombe
Elizabeth Williams 16, servant unmarried, house servant, Somerset Wraxall
Daniel Rodman 23, servant unmarried, farm servant (outdoors) Somerset Wraxall
Mark Rodman 17, servant unmarried, farm servant (outdoors) Somerset Wraxall

Census 1871.

Rachel Simmons 75, head widow, inn keeper & farmer of 60 acres employing 3 labourers & 1 boy, St.George
Henry Simmons 44, son unmarried, farmer’s son, Somerset St.George
Emily Richards 28, servant unmarried, general servant, Gloucestershire Lydney
William Briant 19, servant unmarried, farm servant (indoors), Somerset Wrington
George Petheram 15, servant, farm servant (indoors), Somerset St.George
John Gange 78, boarder widower, retired inn keeper, Somerset Wells

Census 1881.

George Bryant 40, head married, carpenter & inn keeper, Somerset Easton in Gordano
Jane Bryant 40, wife married, Carmarthenshire Carmarthen
Sarah J. Bryant 13, daughter, Somerset Easton in Gordano
George A. Bryant 10, son scholar, Somerset Easton in Gordano
William H. Bryant 6, son scholar, Somerset Easton in Gordano
George Harvey 45, visitor unmarried, labourer, Somerset Nailsea

Census 1891.

George Bryant 51, head married, inn keeper, Somerset St.George
Emily Bryant 35, wife married, Wiltshire Devizes
Sarah J. Bryant 23, daughter single, dress maker, Somerset St.George
George A. Bryant 20, son single, carpenter’s apprentice, Somerset St.George
Katie Bryant 6, daughter scholar, Somerset St.George

Census 1901.

George Bishop 41, head married, inn keeper, Somerset Bridgwater
Hannah Bishop 41, wife married, Yorkshire Wath
Vanda Bishop 11, daughter, Somerset Long Ashton
Sarah Ann Bishop 67, visitor widow, living on own income, Somerset Ilminster

Census 1911.

Maurice Gerrish 26, head married, licensed victualler, Pill Somerset
Alice Sophia Gerrish 32, wife married, assisting in business, Penarth Glamorganshire
Doris Cecily Morse 6, step daughter, Bedminster Somerset

The 1911 census reveals that not counting the scullery, landing, lobby, closet, bathroom; nor warehouse, office or shop, the King’s Arms had 10 rooms.