Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Red Lion Pump Square

1830. John Tilley
1840. Ann Raw
1841 – 44. Charles Davis
1851. Sarah Cox
1861. Eliza Cox
1871 – 95. James Cox
1897. Herbert Collins
1901. William Cox
1904. Percy Cox
1906. E. Porter
1911 – 19. Thomas Russell
1923 – 38. James Baker

Census 1841.
Red Lion Inn Passage Bank

Charles Davis 25, victualler, born in county
Eliza Davis 25, born in county
Thomas Case 8, born in county
James Slade 10, born in county

Census 1851.

Sarah Cox 44, head widow, licensed victualler, Somerset St.George
Eliza Cox 19, daughter unmarried, Somerset St.George
Sarah Cox 15, daughter unmarried, Somerset St.George

Census 1861.

Eliza Cox 28, head unmarried, inn keeper, St.George Somerset
Sarah Cox 54, mother widow, St,George Somerset

Census 1871.
Red Lion

James Cox 32, head married, waterman, Somerset St.George
Mary Cox 33, wife married, Somerset St.George
James B. Cox 8, son scholar, Somerset St.George
Edith M. Cox 6, daughter scholar, Somerset St.George
Leonard Cox 3, son scholar, Somerset St.George
Edward H. Cox 1, son, Somerset St.George’s
Mary A. Bernard 17, servant unmarried, general servant, Somerst Bedminster

Census 1881.

James Cox 42, head married, licensed victualler, Pill Somerset
Mary Cox 43, wife married, Pill Somerset
James B. Cox 18, son unmarried, sailor, Pill Somerset
Edith M. Cox 16, daughter unmarried, Pill Somerset
Leonard Cox 13, son scholar, Pill Somerset
Edward H. Cox 11, son scholar, Pill Somerset
Percy Cox 2 months, son, Pill Somerset

Census 1891.
Red Lion Inn

James Cox 52, head widower, waterman, Somerset Pill
Edward H. Cox 21, son single, waterman, Somerset Pill
Percy Cox 10, son, Somerset Pill
Mary E. Harding 47, house keeper widow, Somerset Pill
Ann A. Vowles 15, servant, general domestic servant, Somerset Pill

Census 1901.

William Cox 51, head married, mariner (Captain) & publican, Somerset Pill
Rosa Cox 47, wife married, Somerset Pill
Laura Howes 27, daughter married, Somerset Pill
Percy Cox 25, son single, house carpenter, Somerset Pill
Jesse Cox 20, son single, plumber & painter, Somerset Pill
Olive Cox 20, daughter single, Somerset Pill
Frank Cox 18, son single, Somerset Pill

Census 1911.

Thomas Russell 46, head married, licensed victualler, Pill Somerset
Minnie F. Russell 42, wife married, Pill Somerset
Ellen Russell 13, daughter school, Bedminster
Emily Petty 40, sister in law single, laundress (Bristol Sanitary Authority), Pill Somerset

The 1911 census reveals that not counting the scullery, landing, lobby, closet, bathroom; nor warehouse, office or shop, the Red Lion had 12 rooms.