Bristol’s Lost Pubs

White Hart Keynsham Bridge
Later named the Lock Keeper

1871. George Crease
1881 – 83. William Tombs
1884 – 86. Jacob Craddock
1890 – 93. Uriah Blick
1901 – 19. Rhoda Symes
1923. John Tatchell
1928. Norman King
1931 – 35. Percy Saunders
1937 – 38. Arthur Holland
1960. William C. Dann

Census 1871.
Keynsham Bridge House

George Crease 45, head married, publican, Somerset Nailsea
Ann Crease 40, wife married, Somerset Wrington
William Crease 14, son, Somerset Kenn
Agnes Crease 7, daughter, Somerset Kenn
Alma A. Crease 5, daughter, Somerset Kenn
Matilda Crease 3, daughter, Somerset Kenn
Harriet Crease 2, daughter, Somerset Kenn
Charles Crease 1 month, son, Gloucestershire Bitton

Census 1881.
Keynsham Bridge House (Public) White Hart

William Toombs 41, head married, wheelwright & inn keeper, Somersetshire Chewton Mendip
Elizabeth Toombs 35, wife married, Somersetshire Priddy
Fanny Toombs 16, daughter unmarried, Somersetshire Ston Easton
George William Toombs 12, son scholar, Somersetshire Litton
Sarah Elizabeth Toombs 9, daughter scholar, Somersetshire Litton
William Dudden 19, unmarried,apprentice wheelwright, Somersetshire Chewton Mendip
Isiah Sage 31, visitor unmarried, farm bailiff, Somersetshire Priddy

Census 1891.
White Hart Inn

Uriah Blick 34, head married, publican, Somerset Road
Emma Blick 32, wife married, Somerset King Weston
Ida M. Blick 8, daughter scholar, Somerset Road
Emma C. Blick 6, daughter scholar, Wiltshire Monkton Farleigh
Lily Blick 3, daughter scholar, Wiltshire Monkton Farleigh
Elsie Blick 10 months, daughter, Gloucestershire Bitton
Frederick Derrick 26, servant single, agricultural labourer, Somerset Whitchurch
George Golledge 17, servant single, agricultural labourer, Somerset Baltonsborough

Census 1901.
White Hart Inn

Rhoda Symes 51, head widow, licensed victualler, Bristol
William F. J. Symes 18, son single, barman, Bristol
Agnes A. Babbage 26, boarder single, dressmaker, Bristol

Census 1911.

Rhoda Symes 67, head widow, licensed victualler, Bristol
Agnes Annie Babbage 37, friend single, companion, Bristol
Herbert Thomson 34, boarder single, lithographic artist, Yorkshire Bradford
Arthur William Bolwell 32, boarder married, patent manure labourer, Camerton Somerset
David Hill 23, boarder single, manure manufacturer labourer, London Middlesex

The 1911 census reveals that not counting the scullery, landing, lobby, closet, bathroom; nor warehouse, office or shop, the White Hart had 10 rooms.