Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Horse & Jockey Church Road

1871. Thomas Milsom
1881 – 91. Robert Hemmings
1897 – 99. George Hemmings
1901 – 11. Elizabeth Hicks
1914 – 17. Tom Haynes
1921 – 44. William Preston
1945. Jane Preston
1946 – 50. Frederick Jay
1953 – 60. Caleb Phelps

The tenancy of Frederick Jay commenced on the 29th July 1946, the rent was £65 per annum and the landlord was The Bristol Brewery Georges & Co. Limited.

Bristol Museum collections

Census 1871.

Thomas Milsom 47, head married, haulier, St.George Gloucestershire
Ann Milsom 41, wife married, dressmaker, Bitton Gloucestershire
H. T. Milsom 17, son unmarried, pattern maker, St.George Gloucestershire
S. Ann Milsom 16, daughter unmarried, scholar, Martock Somerset
John Milsom 14, son scholar, St.George Gloucestershire
Annie Milsom 8, daughter scholar, St.George Gloucestershire
Albert Milsom 2, son, St.George Gloucestershire
Francis Gates 22, servant unmarried, labourer, St.George Gloucestershire
Dinah Coleman 67, lodger widow, pauper, St.George Gloucestershire (deaf)

Census 1881.

Robert Hemmings 55, head married, haulier, Gloucestershire St.George
Betsey Hemmings 54, wife married, Gloucestershire St.George
Isaac Hemmings 23, son unmarried, haulier, Gloucestershire St.George
Martha Hemmings 31, daughter unmarried, Gloucestershire St.George
William Hemmings 19, son unmarried,haulier, Gloucestershire St.George
Robert F. Hemmings 16, son unmarried, haulier, Gloucestershire St.George
Thomas Lercome 40, servant , domestic servant, Gloucestershire Tormarton

Census 1891.

Robert Hemmings 64, head widower, haulier, Gloucestershire St.George
Samuel Winstone 36, boarder single, labourer, Gloucestershire St.George
Daniel Beaver 28, boarder single, labourer, Gloucestershire St.George
George Williams 29, boarder single, labourer, Gloucestershire St.George

Census 1901.

William Hicks 56, head married, labourer at chemical works, Hanham Gloucestershire
Elizabeth Hicks 52, wife married, licensed victualler, St.George Bristol
Frederick Hicks 27, son single, engine fitter, Hanham Gloucestershire

Census 1911.

Elizabeth Hicks 62, head widow, publican, Bristol
Mabel Sheppard 18, servant single, domestic servant, Bristol