Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Lyppiatt Road Off Licence

1871 – 1906. Henry Robbins
1911 – 50. Paul Clark
1956. Wilfred L. Clark

Henry Robbins and his wife Elizabeth can be found on the 1861 census living in Lyppiatt Buildings, his occupation is given as gardener. This may or may not be the same address as the shop.

Bristol Museum collections

Census 1871.

Henry Robbins 38, head married, baker employing 1 boy, St.George Gloucestershire
Elizabeth Robbins 37, wife married, St.George Gloucestershire
Clara Robbins 8, daughter scholar, St.George Gloucestershire
Samuel Robbins 4, son scholar, St.George Gloucestershire
Henry Robbins 2, son, St.George Gloucestershire
Elizabeth Rogers 15, servant unmarried, domestic servant, St.George Gloucestershire

Census 1881.

Henry Robbins 46, head married, baker & grocer, Gloucestershire St.George
Elizabeth Robbins 44, wife married, attends shop, Gloucestershire St.George
Clara Robbins 18, daughter unmarried, assists in business, Gloucestershire St.George
Samuel Robbins 14, son scholar, Gloucestershire St.George
Henry Robbins 11, son scholar, Gloucestershire St.George
Alice Robbins 9, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire St.George
Florence M. Robbins 7, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire St.George
Hannah M. Robbins 7, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire St.George
George Robbins 5, son scholar, Gloucestershire St.George
Albert F. Robbins 1, son, Gloucestershire St.George
Louisa Williams 31, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Gloucestershire St.George

Census 1891.

Henry Robbins senior (grocer & baker) lived around the corner in Whitehall House
the Lyppiatt Road shop was occupied by brothers Samuel and Henry
Samuel Robbins 24, head single, grocer & baker, Gloucestershire St.George
Henry Robbins 21, brother single, baker, Gloucestershire St.George

Census 1901.
At the time of the census the Lyppiatt Road shop was uninhabited but in occupation

Henry Robbins and family lived just around the corner in Plunkett Villa, Whitehall Road
Henry Robbins 67, head married, grocer shop keeper, St.George Bristol
Elizabeth Robbins 64, wife married, St.George Bristol
Henry Robbins 31, son single, bread maker, St.George Bristol
Alice Robbins 28, daughter single, St.George Bristol
Albert F. Robbins 21, son single, teacher school, St.George Bristol
Florence M. Robbins 16, granddaughter single, teacher school, St.George Bristol

Census 1911.

Paul Clark 25, head married, shop keeper & beer retailer, Redhill Somerset
Minnie Matilda Clark 28, wife married, Baltonsborough Somerset
Edward Paul Clark 2, son, Kensington London
Reginald Jesse Clark 1, son, Kensington London