Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Beer House Newfoundland Street
This house was at No.17 Newfoundland Street up until the late 1870’s, and No.73 from then on. Prior to Jane Payne the occupants were listed in directories as grocers and tea dealers. Although this pub had no sign, it was known locally as the Beer House.

1816 – 33. William Parry
1839. William Lawrence
1844. William Smith
1848. James Stokes
1853 – 56. James Gallop
1857 – 65. Robert James
1867 – 78. Joanna Whatley & Jane Payne
1879 to 1891. Jane Payne & Co.
1892 – 93. Henry Marsh
1896. Amy George
1897. James Garmston
1901. Isabella Garmston
1906 – 11. Isabella Newton
1914. Isabella Bishop
1925. Joseph Hall
1928 – 31. Joseph Thomson
1935 – 38. Ellen Ford
1944 – 50. Ellen O’Rourke
1950. Norman James Hole
1956. Frederick K. Ellis

The tenancy of Norman Hole commenced on the 1st September 1950, the rent was £45 per annum and the landlord was The Bristol Brewery Georges & Co. Limited. What follows is a transcription of the schedule of fixtures and effects which was attached to the tenancy agreement.

Front Of Premises.
The stout panelled sign, with gold lettering each side – Georges Beers and Stout, as fixed to wall on iron bracket and two iron stay supports.
The gold lettering on facia board – 73 Georges Beers 73.

Painted and panelled screen as fitted with six 15½” x 10½” muranese panels forming partition to Bottle & jug Department.
Patent “Briton” automatic door spring.
panelled partition dividing Bar with stout upright support to ceiling 5ft x 3ft 9”.
Pewter drainer with flashed sides, copper well and outlet and brass service tap.
Two wood framed leaded light muranese glazed panels lettered Georges Beers.

Behind Bar.
Painted and panelled counter fitted with mahogany top, 7 panels, 10 trusses, 2 swing doors and flap 21ft 3”.
Stout back bar fitting with canopy top, long centre barrel stand and under bottle shelving 21ft 3”.

Sitting Room.
Skeleton recess cupboard with 2 shelves and 2 doors with cupboard under with 2 doors 8ft 2” x 2ft 9”.
Skeleton recess cupboard and door 3ft x 3ft.

Skeleton dresser fitting with 4ft 2” wide centre shelf and 19ft 6” shelving over on iron and wood supports.

The formation of covering to part of yard with corrugated asbestos roof on supports and uprights complete with guttering and down pipe.

1st Floor.
Front Bedroom.
Skeleton recess cupboard with 2 shelves, and 2 glazed doors and cupboard under with 2 doors.
Skeleton recess cupboard fitted with 2 shelves and 2 doors and cupboard with 2 door under.

Top Floor.
Front Bedroom No. 2.
Skeleton recess wardrobe with interior single coat hooks and door.
Skeleton recess cupboard with 3 shelves and door.

Back Bedroom.
Skeleton recess cupboard with 2 shelves and door.
Skeleton recess cupboard cupboard fitted with 4 half doors.

All Sanitary, Water And Gas Installation.
No.35 Jeuness Stove.
Ascot heater and stand.
Electric lighting throughout.

Census 1861.

Robert James 37, head married, grocer, Somerset Minehead
Jane James 33, wife married, Somerset Treborough
Elizabeth Maerate 10, visitor scholar, Somerset Huishchampflower
Maria Greenham 72, lodger widow, formerly school mistress, Bristol

Census 1871.

Joanna Whatley 46, head unmarried, grocer, Frampton Gloucestershire
Jane Payne 41, lodger unmarried, grocer, Nibley Gloucestershire

Census 1881.

Jane Payne 52, head unmarried, grocer, North Nibley
Rose Ellis 21, niece unmarried, grocer’s assistant, Old Calton Norwich

Census 1891.

Jane Payne 59, head single, grocer, North Nibley Gloucestershire
Margaret M. Monteath ? 24, niece single, teacher
Minnie Mears 20, servant single, servant, Worcester

Census 1901.

Isabella Garmston 36, head widow, beer retailer, Bristol
Marion Garmston 13, daughter, Bristol

Census 1911.

Isabella Newton 46, widow, licensee of beer house, St.Augustine
Mable Parker 17, servant, Bristol