Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Black Horse Catherine Place, Cheltenham Road

1870 to 1885. Henry Walters
1886 to 1887. C. W. Batten
1888 to 1891. William Waite
1892 – 1906. Edward Willcox
1911 – 21. Robert Jay
1925. Edwin Gingell
1928 – 38. Cyril Slocombe
1944 – 50. Sydney Smart
1953 – 56. Stephen Sims

Pictured here in the 1950’s, the Black Horse is still standing but is now a restaurant, the building to-day looks much the same as in the picture including the Simonds brown and cream tiling under the window. The building to the right is the Berkeley Castle public house which later traded under the name of ‘the Pipe & Slippers’! Prior to 1870 Henry Walters was at the Black Horse, Stokes Croft (No.37) it appears he took the pub’s name with him when he moved to Cheltenham Road.

Bristol’s Lost Pubs collection

Census 1871.

Henry Walters 58, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol
Susannah Walters 65, wife married, Winscombe Somerset
William Walters 33, son unmarried, painter, Bristol
Elizabeth Vercoe 69, servant unmarried, cook, Plymouth Devon
Elizabeth Davis 21, servant unmarried, housemaid, Bridgwater Somerset

Census 1881.

Henry Walters 68, head married, publican, Bristol
Susan Walters 73, wife married, Somerset Winscombe
William Walters 45, son unmarried, painter, Bristol
Ellen Tarner 22, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Somerset Keynsham
Annie Coxwell 20, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Middlesex London

Census 1891.

William E. Waite 40, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol
Maria Waite 40, wife married, Bristol Trinity
Frank F. Ballen 23, step son single, Bristol St.Philip’s
Alice M. Ballen 20, step daughter single, Bristol St.Paul’s
George A. Ballen 18, step son single, Bristol St.Paul’s
Herbert A. Ballen 10, step son scholar, Bristol St.Paul’s

Census 1901.

William Willcox 37, head married, innkeeper, Chewton Mendip
Florence L. Willcox 25, wife married, Bristol
Dorothy M. Willcox 2, daughter, Bristol
Violet M. Pitman 14, visitor, Bristol
Gertrude Baker 22, servant single, barmaid, Somerset Nailsea
Beatrice Dance 21, servant single, general servant, Bristol

Census 1911.

Robert Jay 49, head married, licensed victualler, Islington London
Elizabeth Jay 47, wife married, Weston – Super – Mare Somerset
Eva Jay 21, daughter, Weston – Super – Mare Somerset
Ida Jay 13, daughter school, Weston – Super – Mare Somerset
John Jay 11, son school, Weston – Super – Mare Somerset
Robert Jay 9, son school, Weston – Super – Mare Somerset
Dorothy Jay 6, daughter school, Weston – Super – Mare Somerset
Iris Jay 5, daughter school, Weston – Super – Mare Somerset
Gordon Jay 1, son, Weston – Super – Mare Somerset
Jane Stevens 34, wife’s sister, barmaid, Weston – Super – Mare Somerset
Amy Fussel 24, servant, general servant, Radstock