Bristol’s Lost Pubs

British Queen Wilson Place

1842. Jane Cockrill
1847 – 49. John Kington
1853. William Turvey
1856 – 61. Edwin Naish
1863. Elizabeth Jollyman
1867. George Bond
1868 – 83. John Routley
1885 – 89. Lydia Routley
1891 – 92. George Webb
1896. John Randall
1899. Alfred Carter
1901. J. Hayes
1901. Mathew Bromsgrove
1904 – 11. Sarah Knight
1914 – 37. Arthur Knight
1938. Violet Helena Knight
1944 – 53. Florence G. Whitting

Census 1861.

Edwin Naish 35, head married, beer retailer and engine smith, Somerset Marksbury
Elizabeth Naish 39, wife married, Bristol
Elizabeth E. Naish 12, daughter scholar, Bristol
Ellen Naish 10, daughter scholar, Bristol
Edwin Naish 10, son scholar, Bristol
Sarah Naish 69, mother in law, Somerset Marksbury

Census 1871.

Lydia Routley 48, wife married, grocer, Newbury Berkshire
William Routley 24, son unmarried, french polisher, Bristol
Richard Routley 22, son unmarried, ship carpenter, Bristol
Stephen Routley 20, son unmarried, railway porter, Bristol
Susannah Routley 16, daughter unmarried, Bristol
Stephen Knight 43, brother in law unmarried, porter, Berkshire Theale

Census 1881.

John Routley 70, head married, french polisher, Devonshire
Lydia Routley 58, wife married, Newbury Berkshire
John Routley 35, son widower, upholsterer, Bristol
William Routley 34, son unmarried, french polisher, Bristol
John Routley 8, grandson scholar, Weston-Super-Mare Somerset
Lydia Routley 7, granddaughter scholar, Weston-Super-Mare Somerset
Harriett Thomas 71, sister widow, no occupation, Devonshire

Census 1891.

George Webb 40, head married, music maker and beer retailer, Gloucestershire Stoke Gifford
Abigail Webb 38, wife married, Ebbw Vale Monmouthshire
Louisa Webb 19, daughter single, music teacher, Ebbw Vale Monmouthshire
Alice Webb 15, daughter, Ebbw Vale Monmouthshire
William G. Webb 15, son, stable boy, Ebbw Vale Monmouthshire
John Webb 11, son, Bristol
Brindly Webb 9, son, Bristol
Abigail Webb 8, daughter, Bristol
Henrietta Webb 7, daughter, Bristol
Evelina Webb 6, daughter, Bristol
Mozart Webb 5, son, Bristol
Lawford Handel Webb 1, son, Bristol

Census 1901.

Mathew Bromsgrove 56, head married, beer retailer, Wiltshire Somerford
Eliza Bromsgrove 57, wife married, Wiltshire Lea
Florence E. Bromsgrove 28, daughter single, tailoress, Bedminster
Mary E. Bromsgrove 23, daughter single, tailoress, Bedminster
Audrie L. Bromsgrove 21, daughter single, barmaid, Totterdown
Alice M. Bromsgrove 17, daughter single, tailoress, Totterdown
William H. Bromsgrove 17, son single, Totterdown
Lily E. Bromsgrove 14, daughter, Totterdown

Census 1911.

Sarah Knight 65, head widow, beer house keeper, Bristol
Arthur George Knight 33, son married, clerk at vinegar brewery, Bristol
Violet Helena Knight 33, daughter in law married, assisting in the business, London Middlesex
Dorothy Violet Knight 4, grandchild, Bristol