Bristol’s Lost Pubs

George Hotel Newfoundland Road

1848. James Owen
1849. Charles Hamlin
1853 – 54. Edward Forse
1855. Joseph Lucas
1858. John Hayden
1867. Temperance Quartly
1867 to 1872. Benjamin Flook
1872 to 1898. Sarah Flook
1898 to 1901. Albert Style
1901. Samuel W. Hollis
1904 – 17. William Shipp
1921. Samuel Collett
1925 – 50. Ernest John Tipney
1950 – 56. William Cecil Scapens
1975. W. J. Stokes

No.134 Newfoundland Road on the corner with Clement Street, the George survived into the late 1970s but was lost to the new road scheme. In 1934 the rent paid by Ernest Tipney was £70 per annum and the landlord was The Bristol Brewery Georges & Co. Limited. William Scapens took over as tenant on the 5th June 1950, the rent was £70 but was increased to £100 on the 29th September 1953, Mr. Scapens was previously at the Eagle Tavern, also in Newfoundland Road.

What follows is a transcription of the schedule of fixtures and effects which was attached to William Scapens’ tenancy agreement dated the 5th June 1950.

Smoke Room.
The mahogany framed seating as shaped and fixed with two arm rests covered in American cloth – 24 ft run.
The mahogany framed seating as shaped and fixed with two arm rests covered in American cloth – 19 ft run.

Public Bar.
Six – pull Dalex beer engine with black and chromium plated handles and tin lined drip and piping to cellar.
New steel washup bowl with chromium plated tap and outlet pipe.
Fixed seating with back and head rest covered in American cloth – 10 ft.
Ditto no head rest 3 ft
Ditto no head rest 10 ft
Mahogany framed seat with back and arm rest covered in American cloth 6 ft
Corner ditto
Formation of lobby in pitch pine with framed door and fanlight, with Cathedral glass panels and six brass guards.
Draught screen ½ glass as fitted at end of counter.

Private Bar.
The mahogany framed seating with 5 arms, padded back and seat covered in American cloth (worn) – 19ft run.
Mahogany framed seat with 2 arms, padded back and seat covered in American cloth – 4ft 6ins X 2ft.

Behind Bar.
The mahogany top counter painted and panelled with return end, shelves, and drawers, cupboard and cash drawer 21ft run.
Brass arm fitted on counter with seven brackets and two end plates curved to shape – 21ft X 1¼ins.
Mahogany framed screen as fitted on counter with 12 brilliant cut glass movable panels and silvered glass pilasters – 11ft.
Glass partition fitted to counter.
Pitch pine cabinet of fittings to back of bar with 6 sheets of plate glass shelving 10ft with framed mirror and single side mirror.
Mahogany shelf for glasses.
Shelf with bracket over end of counter.

Full sized bath with 2 water taps and outlet pipe with mahogany frame top as fitted to bath.
Washbasin with tap and outlet pipe.

Shelves as fitted.
Porcelain sink with brass tap and outlet pipe.

Census 1871.

Benjamin Flook 41, head married, innkeeper, Bristol
Sarah Flook 45, wife married, Westbury Gloucestershire
William Flook 16, son, fellmonger’s apprentice, America State of Ohio
Maria Flook 12, daughter scholar, Bristol
Benjamin Flook 7, son scholar, Bristol
George Flook 6, son scholar, Bristol
Sophia Flook 4, daughter scholar, Bristol
Eliza Wren 18, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Bristol

Census 1881.

Sarah Flook 55, head widow, licensed victualler, Gloucestershire Westbury
Maria Flook 22, daughter unmarried, bar maid inn help, Bristol City & County
Benjamin Flook 17, son unmarried, carpenter, Bristol City & County
George Flook 16, son unmarried, gas fitter, Bristol City & County
Henry Snook 40, lodger widower, labourer, Bristol City & County

Census 1891.

Sarah H. Flook 66, head widow, publican, Gloucestershire Westbury
William Flook 36, son single, leather dresser, Bristol
Elizabeth Hart 20, servant single, general domestic servant, Bristol
William Rand 26, lodger single, corn porter, Bristol
Thomas Rodman 68, lodger widower, hatter, Gloucestershire Frampton Cottrell

Census 1901.

Samuel W. Hollis 34, head married, licensed victualler, Nottingham
Eliza Hollis 32, wife married, Nottingham
John B. Hollis 6, son, Nottingham
Annie R. Darch 22, servant single, barmaid, Bristol

Census 1911.

William Shipp 68, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol
Sarah Ann Shipp 66, wife married, assisting in business, Bristol
Kate Alice Shipp 29, daughter single, assisting in business, Bristol
Florence Jane Shipp 25, daughter single, dress maker, Bristol
Mary Ann Hunt 32, servant single, general servant, Bristol