Bristol’s Lost Pubs

King’s Arms Clark Street

1836. Cornelius King
1838 – 39. James Handsaker
1841. George Wilkins
1846 – 53. William Phipps
1859. John Hucker
1860 to 1883. Eli Slade
1885 – 95. Sidney Slade
1898. William Clark
1900. William Ford
1901 – 08. Adelaide Victoria Jones
1911. Emily Tilley
1913. Charles Hole
1916 – 20. Thomas Evans
1924 – 43. Lydia Hayward
1949 – 60. George Boulter
1975. F. A. P. Hoskins

Adelaide Jones was previously at the Cooper’s Arms in King Street which was demolished around 1899.

Census 1841.

George Wilkins 30, confectioner & beer retailer, born in county
Emily Ann Wilkins 30, not born in county
Jane Emily Wilkins 4, born in county
Frederick George Wilkins 1, born in county

Census 1851.

William Phipps 48, head married, coach carriage maker, Wiltshire Westbury
Elizabeth Phipps 47, wife married, Somerset Kilmington
William Phipps 19, son unmarried, coach maker’s apprentice, Bristol St.Paul’s
John Phipps 17, son unmarried, Bristol St.Paul’s
Henry Phipps 13, son, errand boy, Bristol St.Paul’s
Elizabeth Phipps 7, daughter scholar, Bristol St.Paul’s
Charles Phipps 5, son scholar, Bristol St.Paul’s

Census 1861.

Eli Slade 34, head married, beer house keeper, Brompton Ralph Somerset
Elizabeth Slade 34, wife married, St.Sidwell’s Exeter
Charles E. G. Slade 8, son scholar, St.Philip’s Bristol
Florence E. Slade 2, daughter, St.Paul’s Bristol
Mary Clarke 78, lodger widow, Barnstable Devonshire
William Pearce 60, lodger widower, clerk, Norton Somerset

Census 1871.

Eli Slade 46, head married, licensed victualler, Elworthy Somerset
Elizabeth Slade 46, wife married, Crediton Devon
Sydney E, Slade 20, son unmarried, hatter, Bristol
Charles E. G. Slade 18, son unmarried, warehouseman, Bristol
Florence E. Slade 12, daughter scholar, Bristol

Census 1881.

Eli Slade 56, head married, licensed victualler, Somerset Brompton Ralph
Elizabeth Slade 57, wife married, Crediton Devon

Census 1891.

Sidney Slade 40, head married, publican, Bristol
Mary Jane Slade 35, wife married, Bristol
Stanley Slade 15, son, hatter, Birmingham
William Slade 13, son, Bristol
Florence Slade 8, daughter scholar, Bristol
Mary Ann Slade 6, daughter scholar, Bristol
Maude Foster 15, domestic servant, Bristol

Census 1901.

Adelaide V. Jones 60, head widow, licensed victualler, Bristol
Emily Jones 20, daughter single, assistant victualler, Bristol
John P. Jones 17, son single, plumber, Bristol
Marion Jones 15, daughter, umbrella shop assistant, Bristol

Census 1911.

Emily Tilley 30, head widow, manageress public house, St.Nicholas Bristol
Frederick George James Jones 21, nephew single, railway carrier’s clerk, St.Nicholas Bristol
John William Tilley 2, son, St.Cement’s Bristol