Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Phoenix Viacoff
Parade, Ropewalk, Victoria Road, Wellington Road

Listed in 1853 as the Viacoff Inn

1853 – 94. George Gregory
1895 – 99. Susan Gregory
1900 – 04. Herbert Thomas
1906 – 21. Arthur Heal
1925 – 31. John Porter
1935 – 56. Sidney H. Foster
1975. E. R. Marsham

Census 1861.

George Gregory 43, head married, licensed victualler, Yorkshire Sheffield
Maria Gregory 42, wife married, Dorset Dorchester
Susan Gregory 9, daughter scholar, Bristol
Emma Gregory 6, daughter scholar, Bristol
Kate Gregory 5, daughter scholar, Bristol
John Gregory 4 months, son, Bristol

Census 1871.

George Gregory 53, head married, licensed victualler, Yorkshire Sheffield
Maria Gregory 51, wife married, straw bonnet maker, Dorset Dorchester
Susan Gregory 19, daughter unmarried, dress maker, Bristol St.Peter’s
Catherine Gregory 15, daughter, dress maker, Bristol St.Peter’s
John Gregory 10, son scholar, Bristol St.Peter’s

Census 1881.

George Gregory 63, head married, licensed victualler, Sheffield Yorkshire
Maria Gregory 65, wife married, Dorchester Devon
Susan Gregory 29, daughter unmarried, dress maker, Bristol
Catherine G. Gregory 23, daughter unmarried, office keeper, Bristol
John Gregory 20, son unmarried, pattern maker, Bristol
Emily Gray 44, visitor widow, Dorchester Dorset

Census 1891.

George Gregory 73, head widow, licensed victualler, Sheffield Yorkshire
Susan Gregory 39, daughter single, dress maker, Bristol St.Peter’s
Catherine G. Gregory 35, daughter single, ticket writer at baths, Bristol St.Peter’s
Louisa Thomson 22, boarder married, ships carpenter’s wife, Bristol St.George
Emma Jones 51, boarder single, living on own means, Cwmcarvan Monmouthshire

Census 1901.

Herbert H. Thomas 28, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol Bedminster
Elizabeth Thomas 34, wife married, Bristol
Katherine Thomas 8, daughter, Bristol

Census 1911.

Arthur F. Heal 52, head married, licensed victualler, Isle of Wight
Alice M. Heal 42, wife married, London S.E.
Henry A. Heal 22, son single, barman (out of work) London Mayfair
Dorothea Brittain 14, domestic servant, Bristol St.Werburgh’s