Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Pilgrim Orange Street

1820 – 44. Peter Meyres
1847 – 49. J. Griffiths
1851 – 67. Ann Griffiths
1868. J. Bowle
1869. J. Whittaker
1871 – 74. Charles Jenkins
1878. Mary Jancey
1879 – 82. Donald McKay Barry
1885 – 87. Levi Tucker
1889 – 94. Joseph Peters
1896. Mrs. Hampton
1897. Shadrach Simmons
1899. Samuel Simmons
1899 – 1900. Albert Blanning
1900 to 1911. Frank Curtis

The above photograph shows Frank and Elizabeth Curtis, outside the Pilgrim sometime between 1900 and 1911, the identity of the lady on the right is not known. The images on this page were kindly provided by Mike Matthews, Mike is the Great Great Grandson of Frank and Elizabeth. Mike’s genealogy web site can be found here.

Census 1841.

Peter Meyres 55, victualler, not born in county
Mary Meyres 55, not born in county
Elizabeth Meyres 30, born in county
John Meyres 14, born in county
Mary Bickett 25, born in county
Ann Watts 20, servant, born in county
Richard Williams 20, servant, born in county

Census 1851.

Ann Griffiths 30, head widow, publican, Bristol
Charles Jenkins Griffiths 11, son scholar, Bristol
Frederick William Griffiths 3 months, son, Bristol
Emma Norriss 8, visitor, Bristol
Jane Howard 39, aunt married, no occupation, Brewood Staffordshire

Census 1861.

Ann Griffiths 40, head widow, victualler, Bristol
Charles Jenkins Griffiths 21, son unmarried, cooper, Bristol
Frederick W. Griffiths 10, son scholar, Bristol
Ann M. Griffiths 7, daughter, Bristol
Sarah Abbott 17, visitor unmarried, Bristol

Census 1871.

Charles Jenkins 31, head married, cooper and publican, Bristol
Mary A. Jenkins 23, wife married, Great Elm Somerset
Rose M. Jenkins 2, daughter, Bristol
Henry C. Jenkins 1, son, Bristol

Census 1881.

Donald Barry 23, head married, publican, Australia Sydney
Mary Barry 31, wife married, Bristol
William Jancey 9, step son scholar, Bristol
Walter Jancey 7, step son scholar, Bristol
Harry Barry 1, son, Bristol
Caroline Fugil 18, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Bristol

Census 1891.

Joseph Peters 60, widower, publican, Bristol

Census 1901.

Frank Curtis 37, head married, licensed victualler, Somerset Chewton Mendip
Elizabeth Curtis 37, wife married, Wiltshire Foxham
Amy G. Curtis 9, daughter, Bristol
Alfred Curtis 5, son, Bristol

Publican’s Licence

Granted to Albert Blanning 11th October 1899

Publican’s Licence

Reverse of above license, showing officially signed notice of transfer from Albert Blanning to Frank Curtis, dated 24th July 1900.

Publican’s Licence

Granted to Frank Curtis 11th October 1900

The above images were kindly provided by Mike Matthews. You can visit Mike’s web site here.