Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Great Western Feeder Road
Rebuilt around 1911 the Great Western Tavern was on the corner with Albert Road, on the opposite corner was the Dove Inn. Many thanks to Jane McCredie for this picture.

1844 – 49. William Bird
1851 – 69. John Hickery
1870 to 1891. Eleanor Hickery
1891 to 1893. George Hickery
1893 to 1895. Henry Slade
1896 – 1914. Edward Rose
1921. Fred Rose
1925 – 31. William Gunter
1935 – 40. Elizabeth Bryant
1940. Sydney Philip Delahaye
1942 – 44. William James Rowland
1950 – 53. Robert Young
1956. Harold R. Coles
1960. Lily Delaney

Census 1851.

John Hickery 42, head married, beer retailer, Bristol
Eleanor Hickery 33, wife married, Bristol
John Hickery 13, son, Bristol
William Hickery 10, son, Bristol
James Hickery 4, son, Bristol
Edwin Hickery 4 months, son, Bristol
Selena Hickery 4 months, daughter, Bristol
Mary James 20, servant unmarried, Bristol

Census 1861.

John Hickery 52, head married, victualler, Bristol St.Philip’s
Eleanor Hickery 43, wife married, domestic, Bristol St.Philip’s
John Hickery 23, son unmarried, labourer, Bristol St.Philip’s
William Hickery 21, son unmarried, labourer, Bristol St.Philip’s
James Hickery 14, son, coopers apprentice, Bristol St.Philip’s
Selena Hickery 10, daughter scholar, Bristol St.Philip’s
Edwin Hickery 10, son scholar, Bristol St.Philip’s
George Hickery 7, son scholar, Bristol St.Philip’s
Roseana Hickery 5, daughter scholar, Bristol St.Philip’s
Henry Hickery 2, son, Bristol St.Philip’s
Martha Leonard 15, niece, servant, Bristol St.Philip’s

Census 1871.

Ellen Hickery 53, head widow, landlady, Bristol St.Philip’s Marsh
William Hickery 30, son unmarried, barge owner, Bristol St.Philip’s Marsh
Edwin Hickery 24, son unmarried, engine fitter, Bristol St.Philip’s Marsh
Selina Hickery 21, daughter unmarried, dress maker, Bristol St.Philip’s Marsh
George Hickery 18, son unmarried, clerk to brother, Bristol St.Philip’s Marsh
Henry Hickery 10, son scholar, Bristol St.Philip’s Marsh

Census 1881.

Eleanor Hickery 63, head widow, inn keeper, Bristol
George Hickery 26, son unmarried, waterman, Bristol
Rosina Hickery 24, daughter unmarried, mantle maker, Bristol
Henry Hickery 21, son unmarried, haulier, Bristol

Census 1891.
At the time of the 1891 census the Great Western Tavern was uninhabited

Census 1901.

Edward Rose 51, head married, beer retailer, Dorset Winborne
Elizabeth Rose 53, wife married, Somerset Twerton
Alice M. Sangford 20, step daughter single, Somerset Twerton
Fred Sangford 18, step son single, wood carver, Somerset Twerton
Martha J. Gould 17, servant single, housemaid domestic, Wales Cardiff

Census 1911.

Edward Rose 61, head married, beer retailer, Wimbourne Devonshire
Elizabeth Rose 63, wife married, assisting in business, Twerton Somerset
Elizabeth Pring 23, servant single, domestic servant, Bristol