Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Greyhound Midland Road

1871. S. Thompson
1871 – 72. John T. Flower
1874. Thomas Weaver
1878. James Smith
1881 – 82. William Barber
1883 to 1885. Thomas Williams
1886. Nicholas Roberts
1887. Edwin Hill
1888. Mary Ann Clements
1889. Frederick Creed
1891. John Bruton
1891. Charlotte Bruton
1892. Louisa Gulley
1896. Thomas Doidge
1899. Mrs B. Garratt
1901 – 17. Frederick Haskins
1921 – 31. Henry Tanner
1935 – 47. Florence Francis
1947 – 59. Edward Crane

Courage Brewery Archive via Bristol Know Your Place

This photograph (left) shows landlady Florence Francis outside the Greyhound in the 1940s, previously at the Raglan Castle in Easton, Florence moved to the Greyhound when the Raglan closed in the early thirties, she had been at the Raglan since 1918 and had taken over the license on the death of her husband George Francis in 1923. Florence was at the Greyhound until her retirement in 1947, the new landlord was Ted Crane who stayed at the pub until it closed down in the early sixties, Ted then moved to the Albion in Newfoundland Road, and was still there in the mid 1960s.

This information and the picture was kindly provided by Jim Lloyd, Florence Francis’ grandson, Jim’s mother was born at the Raglan Castle in 1918

Census 1871.

John T. Flower 28, head married, beer house keeper, Bitton Gloucestershire
Mary Davis Flower 22, wife married, New York

Census 1881.

William Barber 27, head married, publican, Breckonshire Velindra
Emily Barber 29, wife married, Somerset Weston
Clara Barber 5, daughter, Somerset Weston
Flora Barber 3, daughter, Somerset Weston

Census 1891.

Charlotte Bruton 34, head widow, beer retailer, Hertfordshire Bishop Stortford
Jane E. Bruton 26, step daughter single, beer retailer’s assistant, London Shoreditch
Frederick W. Bruton 24, step son single, shoemaker, London Shoreditch
Harry G. Sweeting 32, boarder single, coach painter, Gloucestershire Bristol

Census 1901.

Fred Haskins 33, head married, publican, Gloucestershire Kingswood
Maida C. Haskins 23, wife married, Gloucestershire Bristol
Matilda H. Haskins 2, daughter, Bristol St.George
Fred Haskins 1, son, Bristol
Lavinia Sweet 50, nurse widow, monthly nurse, Somerset Castle Carey

Census 1911.

Frederick Haskins 43, head married, beer house keeper, Kingswood Bristol
Elizabeth Ann Haskins 34, wife marrie, Syston Common Gloucestershire
Matilda Ellen Haskins 12, daughter, Bristol
Frederick Haskins 11, son, Bristol
Rosie Haskins 9, daughter, Bristol
Irene Violet May Haskins 3, daughter, Bristol
Frederick James Haskins 2, son, Bristol
Lily Carde 15, servant single, Bristol