Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Little Black Horse Wellesley Street

1861 – 63. George Poole
1867 – 77. John Perrott
1877 to 1885. Jonathan Brown
1886. Thomas Stokes
1887. Emma Matthews
1888. Ellen M. Sheedy
1889. Mary Ann Webber
1891. Clara Wintle
1891 – 1917. Robert Hill
1921 – 28. Elizabeth Sarah Bond
1931. Sophia Edwards
1935 – 53. Sarah Roberts

From 1871 to 1876 John Perrott is listed as publican at the Little Black Horse; but, it is Jonathan William Brown who is listed at this address in the street directory.

No.15 Wellesley Street. The Little Black Horse and Wellesley Street were removed in the early 1960s to make way for the Lawrence Hill roundabout and a block of flats. The name above the door in this picture is Sarah Roberts.

Census 1861.

George Poole 46, head married, publican & currier, Wooton under Edge Gloucestershire
Eliza Poole 52, wife married, Temple Bristol
Mary Gilmore 67, lodger unmarried, retired governess, Bridgwater Somerset

Census 1871.

Jonathan W. Brown 42, head married, brass caster at factory, Bristol
Sarah Brown 42, wife married, attends to beerhouse, Bristol
Robert Brown 19, son unmarried, labourer, Bristol
Jonathan W. Brown 17, son unmarried, labourer, Bristol
Sarah Ann Brown 16, daughter unmarried, assistant at home, Bristol
George Brown 13, son scholar, Bristol
Albert Brown 8, son scholar, Bristol
Eliza Brown 7, daughter scholar, Bristol
Ellen Brown 5, daughter scholar, Bristol
Henry William Brown 4, son scholar, Bristol
Emily H. Brown 9 months, daughter, Bristol

Census 1881.

Jonathan W. Brown 52, head married, brass founder & publican, Bristol
Sarah Brown 52, wife married, Bristol
Albert Brown 18, son unmarried, brass founder, Bristol
Eliza Brown 17, daughter unmarried, Bristol
Henry William Brown 14, son,
Emily A. Brown 10, daughter, Bristol
Rose Brown 7, daughter, Bristol

Census 1891.

Robert S. Hill 39, head married, block & spar maker and beer retailer, Bristol
Sarah A. Hill 35, wife married, Bristol
Elizabeth Hill 15, daughter, cigar maker, Bristol
Robert Hill 13, tin worker’s assistant, Bristol
Emily A. Hill 11, daughter, Bristol
Elsie Hill 9, daughter, Bristol
John Hill 6, son, Bristol
Elizabeth Hill 62, mother widow, own means, Bristol

Census 1901.

Robert Hill 49, head married, beer house keeper, St.James’ Bristol
Sarah Ann Hill 45, wife married, beer house keeper, St.Paul’s Bristol
Elizabeth Hill 25, daughter single, tobacco packer, St.Philip’s Bristol
Robert Hill 23, son single, ship’s fireman, St.Philip’s Bristol
Emily Hill 21, daughter single, tailoress, St.Philip’s Bristol
Elsie Hill 19, daughter single, cigarette packer, St.Philip’s Bristol
John Hill 16, son single, tin plate worker, St.Philip’s Bristol
Ernest Hill 9, son scholar, St.Philip’s Bristol
Elizabeth Hill 73, mother widow, supported by son, St.Philip’s Bristol

Census 1911.

Robert Hill 59, head married, beer retailer (licensee), Bristol St.James’
Sarah S. Hill 56, wife married, assisting in business, Bristol St.Paul’s
Elsie Hill 29, daughter single, cigarette packer at tobacco factory, Bristol St.Philip’s
John L. Hill 26, son single, sheet metal worker, Bristol St.Philip’s
Ernest S. Hill 19, son single, sheet metal worker, Bristol St.Philip’s