Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Queen’s Head Broad Plain

1775. Caleb Dudley
1786 – 94. John Leonard
1816. Samuel Scrase
1822 – 23. Penelope Barnes
1824. Robert Smith
1825. John James
1826. L. Richmond
1828. Daniel Davies
1830 – 33. Richard Bolton
1837 – 52. George Joyce
1853. Simon Scrase
1854 to 1856. John Scrase
1857. Anne Williams
1858 to 1860. William Raistrick
1861 to 1887. James Cooper
1888 – 89. Mary Ann Cooper
1891. Walter Wood
1892 – 97. Mary Ann Richardson
1899 – 1901. Joseph Phillips
1901. John Hewitt
1904. Mark Gould
1909. Alfred Davis
1911 – 14. Isaac Iles
1917 – 28. Annie Elizabeth Iles
1931. Donald Whitting
1935 – 38. Frederick Perrett
1938 – 50. William Herbert Stephens
1953. Frederick Clark
1975. K. G. Edwardes

The Queen’s Head is seen here tucked in between the Spear Brothers’ offices and factory in the early 1950s. In the 1980s the pub underwent some alterations which included moving the bay window to the left of the building and the front door to the right, the building to the left was rebuilt at this time and the building to the right was demolished. The tenancy of William Stephens commenced on the 29th December 1938, the yearly rent was £28 and the landlord was The Bristol Brewery Georges & Co. Ltd. The Queen’s Head was later named the Printer’s Devil.

On the 4th June 1786, Caleb Dudley of St.Philip’s, and George Hill of Bitton, leased the Queen’s Head to John Leonard of St.Philip’s at the yearly rent of 15 pounds & 15 shillings, payable quarterly subject to all taxes except the land tax and poor tax. The pub was described in the lease as … All that messuage or dwelling house commonly called or known by the name of the Queen’s Head, situate and being on the Broad Plain near a certain street called Strait Street in the out parish of St.Philip and St.Jacob in the county of Gloucester. What follows is a transcription of the schedule of goods included in the lease agreement dated 18th May 1786.

In The Fore Cellar.
One tundish with its copper pipe
Three casks, No.7 – 4 & 8
Three beer horses
One small pail
One bowl

In The Back Cellar.
One barm tub
One beer shute
two beer horses

In The Brewhouse.
One copper furnace with ironwork
One mashing tub and stick
Two coolers and stands

In The Kitchen.
One settle
One grate
Ash grate
Three pewter pots
Six pint pots
Four penny pots

In The Parlour.
One round deal table

Census 1841.

George Joyce 44, publican, born in county
Jane Joyce 40, born in county
Deniah Leonard 22, servant, born in county
Emily Richmond 9, independent, born in county

Census 1851.

George Joyce 50, head married, victualler, Devon Marwood
Mary Joyce 40, wife married, Bristol

Census 1861.

James Cooper 38, head married, victualler and smith, Bristol
Mary A. Cooper 37, wife married, Bristol
Alfred J. Cooper 12, son scholar, Swindon Wiltshire

Census 1871.

James Cooper 48, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol St.Philip’s
Mary A. Cooper 48, wife married, Bristol St.Philip’s

Census 1881.

James Cooper 59, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol
Mary Ann Cooper 58, wife married, Bristol
Alfred James Cooper 33, son married, engine fitter at factory, Wiltshire New Swindon
Ellen Cooper 32, daughter in law married, Bristol
Rosena A. B. Cooper 6, grandaughter scholar, Bristol
Ellen F. B. Cooper 4, grandaughter, Bristol
Ethel M. Cooper 1, grandaughter, Bristol

Census 1891.

Walter Wood 39, head married, publican, Bristol
Clara Wood 21, wife married, Bristol
Harriett Cleaver 14, daughter, Bristol
Harriett Cridland 54, lodger married, Bristol
Thomas Cridland 53, lodger married, seaman, Bristol

Census 1901.

John Hewitt 34, head married, publican, Windsor Berkshire
Minnie E. Hewitt 35, wife married, Bristol

Census 1911.

Isaac Iles 56, head married, licensee, Bristol
Louisa Iles 58, wife married, assisting in business, Bristol