Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Rising Sun Avon Street

1832 – 44. George Theodore Harper
1847 – 72. Thomas Hember
1874 – 85. John Harris
1886 – 87. Alfred Pearce
1889 – 1911. Fred Pool
1914 – 28. William Jefferies
1931. Charles Bryant
1935. Frederick Naish
1937 – 38. Henry Oaten
1941 – 44. Arthur Caines
1950. William Griffiths
1953 – 56. Douglas R. W. Honeyfield

This photograph was taken from outside the Dove Inn on Feeder Road just across the Avon Street Bridge, both the Rising Sun and the Dove were demolished in 1962. This picture was provided by Jane McCredie. The 1851 census lists Thomas Hember as an excavator and his wife Jane as beer retailer. The tenancy of Arthur Caines commenced on the 7th October 1941, the annual rent was £50 and the landlord was The Bristol Brewery Georges & Co. Limited.

Census 1841.

George T. Harper 50, publican, born in county
Mary Harper 50, born in county
Harriet Harper 15, born in county
Edwin Harper 17, tile cutter, born in county
Athelstan Harper 15, gas fitter, born in county
Alfred Harper 13, born in county
Alceston Harper 10, born in county
Charlotte Harper 8, born in county

Census 1851.

Thomas Hember 40, head married, excavator, Somersetshire
Jane Hember 31, wife married, beer retailer, Gloucestershire
Maria Hember 9, daughter, Bristol
James Hember 5, son, Bristol
Mary J. Hember 3, daughter, Bristol
William Hember 1, son, Bristol
Ellen Cole 18, servant unmarried, Crew’s Hole Gloucestershire

Census 1861.

Thomas Hember 51, head married, beer retailer, Somersetshire Lydeard St.Lawrence
Jane Hember 41, wife married, Bristol Redcliff
James Hember 15, son, cooper, Bristol St.Philip’s
Mary Hember 13, daughter scholar, Bristol St.Philip’s
William Hember 11, son scholar, Bristol St.Philip’s
Tom Hember 9, son scholar, Bristol St.Philip’s
Emily Hember 7, daughter scholar, Bristol St.Philip’s
Frederick Hember 3, son scholar, Bristol St.Philip’s
Frank Hember 3, son scholar, Bristol St.Philip’s
Ada Hember 6 months, daughter, Bristol St.Philip’s
Eleanor Hoyes 19, servant unmarried, servant, Bristol Temple

Census 1871.

Thomas Hember 61, head married, licensed victualler, Taunton Somerset
Jane Hember 51, wife married, Bristol
Jane Hember 22, daughter unmarried, barmaid, Bristol
Tom Hember 21, son unmarried, labourer, Bristol
Fred George Hember 13, son, labourer, Bristol
Frank James Hember 13, labourer, Bristol

Census 1881.

John Harris 39, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol
Mary J. Harris 33, wife married, Bristol

Census 1891.

Frederick Poole 26, head married, licensed victualler, St.George Gloucestershire
Jane Poole 26, wife married, St.George Gloucestershire
Daisy Poole 1, daughter, Bristol
Alice Shepperd 17, servant single, general servant, Bristol

Census 1901.

Fred Pool 35, head widower, licensed victualler, Bristol
Daisy Pool 11, daughter, Bristol
Fred Pool 6, son, Bristol
Edith Pool 26, sister single, barmaid, Bristol
Ada Hooper 19, boarder single, housemaid domestic, Bristol

Census 1911.

Fred Pool 44, head widower, licensed victualler, Kingswood Bristol
Frederick Pool 16, son single, assistant in business, St.Philip’s Bristol
Daisy Pool 20, daughter single, assistant in business, St.Philip’s Bristol
The 1911 census reveals that not counting the scullery, landing, lobby, closet, bathroom; nor warehouse, office or shop, the Rising Sun had 10 rooms.