Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Wellesley Arms Lawrence Hill

1855 – 58. James Brice
1860. John Jenkins
1861 – 68. Mary Ann Jenkins
1871 – 72. Alfred Crinks
1879 – 83. William Hayward
1887 to 1900. Henry Stanmore
1900 to 1913. Elizabeth Stanmore
1914 to 1937. James Bond
1938. Mabel Bond
1944 – 50. Mabel Andrews
1953. Reginald Williams

On the corner with Wellesley Street, the Wellesley Arms was demolished in the early 1960’s to make way for the Lawrence Hill roundabout. The street and the pub were named after Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of Wellington.

Census 1861.

Mary Ann Jenkins 33, head widow, beer house keeper, St.Philip’s Bristol
Harry Jenkins 7, son, St.Philip’s Bristol
Fanny Williams 15, servant, general servant, Downend Gloucestershire

Census 1871.

Alfred Crinks 24, head married, beer house keeper, Bristol
Fanny Crinks 24, wife married, beer house keeper’s wife, Sherston Gloucestershire
George Crinks 2, son, Bristol

Census 1881.

William Hayward 58, head married, publican, Yeovil Somerset
Harriet Hayward 57, wife married, Bradford Wiltshire
Harriet Hayward 22, daughter unmarried, Bradford Wiltshire

Census 1891.

Henry Stanmore 50, head married, steam engine fitter, Gloucestershire Hanham
Elizabeth Stanmore 41, wife married, Bristol
Elizabeth Stanmore 20, daughter single, Bristol
Nelly Stanmore 8, daughter, Bristol

Census 1901.

Elizabeth Stanmore 51, head widow, beer house keeper, St.Philip’s Bristol
Elizabeth Stanmore 30, daughter single, no occupation, St.Philip’s Bristol
Nelly Stanmore 18, daughter single, no occupation, St.Philip’s Bristol