Bristol’s Lost Pubs

New Cattle Market Tavern Bath Road

Bristol Museum collections

1851 – 62. William Jones
1866. Elizabeth Jones
1867 to 1881. Maria Hathway
1881 – 82. James Percy
1884. Nicholas Small
1885 – 93. John Vickery
1895. William Sheppard
1896 – 1903. Henry Richard Adams
1907. William Bryant
1908. Elizabeth Bailey
1911. Joseph Parnell Weeks
1913. James Connick
1920. William Evans
1927 – 37. Elsie Lidbury
1943. Albert Moxham
1944 – 52. Sydney Stephens

Bath Bridge Tavern
1952 – 68. Sydney Stephens
1975. E. L. Probert

Circa 1952 this pub was renamed the Bath Bridge Tavern; perhaps to end confusion with the Cattle Market Tavern, which was nearby. Around the same time, the two doors of the pub were reduced to windows, and a new door inserted between the existing windows.

Census 1851.

William Jones 40, head married, victualler, Bristol
Elizabeth Jones 42, wife married, Dorchester
James Jones 14, son scholar, Bristol
Elizabeth Jones 16, daughter, scholar, Bristol
Eliza Jones 11, daughter scholar, Bristol
Margaret Jones 5, daughter scholar, Bristol
William Hutchings 45, servant unmarried, general servant, Morley Devon
Mary Duckett 20, servant unmarried, general servant, Weare Someset
Frederick Eales 27, lodger unmarried, haulier, Morley Devon

Census 1861.

William Jones 50, head married, publican, Bristol
Elizabeth Jones 45, wife married, publican’s wife, Bristol
Eliza Jones 21, daughter unmarried, publican’s daughter, Bristol
Margaret Jones 15, daughter unmarried, publican’s daughter, Bristol
Benjamin Sweetman 37, lodger unmarried, wheelwright, Somerset Brislington
Louise Woodward 19, servant unmarried, house servant Bristol

Census 1871.

Maria Hathway 47, head widow, publican, Lympsham Somrset
Robert C. Horner 34, brother unmarried, engine driver, Lympsham Somerset
Albert E. Hathway 20, son unmarried, traveller, Portishead Somerset
Edith Hathway 18, daughter unmarried, scholar, Portishead Somerset
Alice Hathway 17, daughter unmarried, scholar, Portishead Somerset
Clara Hathway 15, daughter scholar, Portishead Somerset
Mary A. Hathway 13, daughter scholar, Portishead Somerset
William Hathway 8, son scholar, Berkeley Gloucestershire

Census 1881.

Maria Hathway 54, head widow, licensed victualler, Lympsham Somerset
William H. Hathway 18, son unmarried, clerk, Berkeley Gloucestershire
Sidney H. Pearce 27, son in law married, clerk, Falfield Gloucestershire
Mary A. Pearce 23, daughter married, Portishead Somerset
Edith M. Pearce 2, granddaughter, Knowle Somerset

Census 1891.

John Vickery 51, head married, licensed victualler, Ashbrittle Somerset
Jane Vickery 50, wife married, Langton Somerset
Matilda Vickery 19, daughter single, Bedminster Somerset
Kate Vickery 17, daughter single, Bristol
Francis J. Vickery 12, son, Bristol

Census 1901.

Henry R. Adams 52, head married, licensed victualler, Somerset Clevedon
Ellen Adams 51, wife married, Bristol
Jane Adams 25, daughter single, barmaid, Bristol

Census 1911.

Joseph Parnell Weeks 59, head married, publican, Buffalo America (resident)
Mary Ann Weeks 58, wife married, assists in bar, Gloucestershire Soundwell