Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Star Redcliff Hill

1806 – 16. William Moore
1820 – 34. John Hitchcock
1837. Joseph Hitchcock
1839 – 40. Harriet Hitchcock
1841 to 1848. Joseph Ogborne
1849 to 1851. Isaac Croker
1851. Jane Bidgood
1853. Edward Cousins
1854. Maria Hall
1855 – 63. James Polyblank
1865. Charles Atwell
1866. James Carver
1867. Timlett Crook
1869 – 77. James Vincent
1879 – 87. Frederick Thompson
1889. Frederick Allen
1891. William Symes
1892 – 94. Frederick Bryant
1896. William Nicholls
1899. Samuel Bull
1900. William Peters
1901. Alexander Gunningham
1904 – 06. William Rawlings
1909. Thomas Court
1911. Mary Ann Latham
1914. Albert Vowles

Just three doors up from the Berkeley Castle, the Star is pictured here during the tenancy of Thomas Court, this is probably Mr. Court stood in the doorway. The Star ceased trading around the time of the first world war when the building was taken over by printers: The General Publishing Syndicate Ltd., who still occupied the building prior to its demolition in 1961. On the 25th March 1888 the Star was taken on a 14 year lease at a rent of £48 per annum by James Lockley, brewer of Lewin’s Mead. The lease was one of 22 sold by James Lockley to the Bristol United Breweries Limited on the 25th March 1892 for the total sum of £11,000. This photograph was kindly provided by David Joy.

Census 1841.

Joseph Ogbourn 50, publican, born in county
Harriet Ogbourn 45, not born in county
Maria Ogbourn 15, born in county
Mary Hitchcock 15, born in county
Sarah Britton 20, servant, born in county

Census 1851.

Jane Bidgood 38, head widow, licensed victualler, Cornwall
John Bidgood 2, son, Bristol
Matilda Bidgood 1 month, daughter, Bristol
Mary Purnell 79, mother widow, Somerset Taunton
Sarah Burgess 17, niece unmarried, visitor, London
William Bidgood 19, lodger unmarried, labourer, Somerset Wellington

Census 1861.

James Pollyblank 44, head married, publican, Devonport
Harriett Pollyblank 42, wife married, Somerset Croscombe
Edwin Pollyblank 20, son unmarried, printer, Bristol
Ellen Pollyblank 19, daughter unmarried, barmaid, Bristol
Henry Pollyblank 17, son unmarried, cooper, Bristol
Albert Pollyblank 11, son scholar, Bristol
Emily Pollyblank 8, daughter scholar, Bristol
Alisia Pollyblank 6, daughter scholar, Bristol
Alice Pollyblank 4, daughter scholar, Bristol
Mary Heal 22, servant unmarried, house servant, Somerset Shipham

Census 1871.

James Vincent 38, head married, maltster, Somerset Taunton
Mary A. Vincent 37, wife married, Bristol
Mary A. Avis 21, niece unmarried, domestic servant, Dorset

Census 1881.

Frederick Thompson 41, head maried, licensed victualler, Redcliff Bristol
Elizabeth Thompson 47, wife married, Somerset Nailsea
Ada Thompson 20, daughter unmarried, milliner, Redcliff Bristol
Louise Thompson 11, daughter scholar, Redcliff Bristol
Priscilla Hillman 19 visitor unmarried, Somerset Wellow
Mary Baylis 21, servant unmarried, general servant, Bedminster

Census 1891.

William Symes 47, head married, publican, Somerset Charlton Horethorne
Rhoda Symes 48, wife married, Bristol
William Symes 8, son scholar, Bristol

Census 1901.

Alexander Gunningham 37, head married, landlord public house, Somerset Bagborough
Emma Gunningham 37, wife married, landlady public house, Bristol
Bertha Gunningham 16, daughter single, assistant at home barmaid, Bristol
Ruth Gunningham 14, daughter, cigar maker, Bristol
Walter James Gunningham 10, son schoolboy, Bristol
Sarah J. Gunningham 58, aunt single, Somerset Lydeard St.Lawrence

Census 1911.

Edward Colston Latham 48, head married, house decorator, Bristol
Mary Ann Latham 42, wife married, beer retailer, Bristol
Edward Colston Latham 23, son single, brewer’s clerk, Bristol
William Latham 59, brother widower, golf groundsman, Bristol
Harold S. Witchell 5, adopted, school, Bristol
Florence Louise Morris 4, adopted, school, Bristol
May Bown 21, visitor single, tailoress, Norfolk