Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Terminus Hotel Bath Parade

1857 – 70. James Burrows Hemming
1870 – 89. Robert Pearce
1891 – 94. George Webber
1896 – 1906. Benjamin Isaac Hall
1911 – 17. Mrs. Mary Ann Hall
1925. George Snook
1928 – 35. William Joseph Jarrett
1937. Walter Stanley Loader
1944. Elizabeth Hobson
1950. Albert F. Mayell
1956. James Crossfield

Bristol Museum collections

By the time of World War II, the Terminus was a hotel with c.20 letting bedrooms. The licensee during the war was Elizabeth Hobson, who was born in Sheffield. After she was widowed, she owned various pubs. The first was the Millstone at Hathersage in Derbyshire, and then, after her daughter married and moved to Bristol, she took the Terminus Hotel. After the war, she moved to the New Inn at Coalpit Heath, and finally took the Berkeley Castle (Cheltenham Road), before retiring to Weston Super Mare. Her predecessor as licensee at the Berkeley Castle, Alwyn Biggin, had married her sister, Elsie May, and she took over the licence when Alwyn and Elsie emigrated to New Zealand.
This information was kindly provided by Ian Johnson.

Census 1861.

James Burrows Hemming 47, head married, victualler, Suffolk Hoxen
Mary Hemming 30, wife married, Worcestershire, Mortley
Eliza Roberts 24, servant unmarried, chambermaid, Bristol Temple
Eliza Browning 21, servant unmarried, cook domestic servant, Somerset Glastonbury
Jane Holman 30, servant unmarried, waitress, Cornwall Cambourne
George Webb 15, servant unmarried, waiter & boots, Bristol Redcliff
Matthias Ford 27, visitor unmarried, farmer, Devon Teignmouth
Julia Herbert 22, servant unmarried, barmaid, Monmouthshire Penalt

Census 1871.

Robert Pearce 35, head married, hotel keeper, Somersetshire
Eliza Adlam Pearce 34, wife married, Bristol
Mary Ann Pearce 19, sister unmarried, Somersetshire
Richard Sankey 22, boarder unmarried, hotel keeper, Exeter Devon
James Clarkson 43, boarder unmarried, independent, Yorkshire
Mary Ann Derrick 21, servant unmarried, cook, Bedminster Bristol
Elizabeth Welchman 17, servant unmarried, waitress, Somersetshire

Census 1881.

Robert Pearce 44, head married, hotel proprietor, Bath
Eliza A. Pearce 44, wife married, hotel proprietor, Bristol
Leah A. Pearce 8, daughter scholar, Bristol
Charles Gleed 24, servant unmarried, assistant, Winterbourne Gloucestershire
Fanny Brown 23, servant unmarried, general servant, Doniston Monmouthshire
Bessie Burt 18, servant unmarried, housemaid, Castle Carey Somersetshire
Ann Pickett 65, visitor widow, needlewoman, Bristol

Census 1891.

George Webber 40, head married, hotel proprietor, Woolston Green Devon
Mary J. Webber 40, wife married, Sussex Cuckfield
Albert E. Webber 14, son scholar Bristol Redcliff
Alan M. Webber 9, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire Palthway
Alice L. Paddon 27, single, barmaid, Devon Teignmouth
William Smith 25, single, barman, Middlesex Woolwich
J. E. McFarlane 35, visitor married, merchant general, Scotland
Hannah E. Millard 24, single, waitress, Wiltshire Westbury
Rosina Milliard 22, single, cook domestic servant, Wiltshire Westbury
Elizabeth W. Oldreive 34, married, waitress, Devon Teignmouth
Albert Gordge 15, single, boots domestic servant, Bristol Redcliff
Alfred T. Tucker 21, boarder single, architect, Devon Teignmouth
William Keen 22, boarder single, living on own means, Bristol Redcliff
James Hernigan 40, visitor single, grain superintendent, Ireland

Census 1901.

Isaac Hall 48, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol
Mary A. Hall 47, wife married, Bristol
Alice M. Hall 26, daughter single, Bristol
Mabel Hall 21, daughter single, Bristol
Emma Hall 15, daughter single, Bristol
Lavinia Hannibus 27, servant widow, cook domestic, Bristol
Rosa Bishop 34, servant single, barmaid, Bristol
Nora L. Lawrence 21, servant single, waitress domestic, Cheltenham
Robert Hussey, servant single, barman, Bristol
Alice E. Higginson 18, servant single, chambermaid, Ross Herefordshire
Robert Hart 16, servant single, boots domestic servant, Gloucester
John M. Muir 26, visitor married, accountant, Hampshire Portsmouth
Ernest W. B. Nicholas 30, visitor married, London Hackney
Joseph Gifford 50, visitor single, sea captain, Orkney

Census 1911.

Mary Ann Hall 57, head widow, hotel proprietress, Bristol Bedminster
Alice Maud Hall 36, daughter single, assisting in business, Bristol St.James’
Mabel Hall 31, daughter single, assisting in business, Bristol Bedminster
Emma Hall 35, daughter single, assisting in business, Bristol Bedminster
Frank Hall 10, grandson school, Bristol Brislington
Charlotte Maud White 27, servant single, barmaid, Gloucestershire Stroud
Ruth Marlow 27, servant single, waitress hotel, London Marylebone
Sarah Elizabeth Chappell 46, servant single, Bristol Bedminster
John William Johnson 35, visitor single, dental mechanic, Yorkshire Leeds