Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Berkeley Castle Catherine Place, Cheltenham Road

1851 – 65. Clement Warley
1867 – 71. Sarah Warley
1872 to 1873. Robert Burgoyne
1873 to 1888. John Pope
1891 – 96. George Edward Bowden
1899. Joseph Scapens
1901 – 04. William L. Lintern
1906. Emma Browning
1909. Joseph Scapens
1911 – 31. Francis Staples
1931 – 44. George Stirling Blackman
1950 – 53. Alwyn Biggin
1956 – 60. Elizabeth Hobson

George Blackman’s tenancy commenced on the 12th October 1931, the rent was £50 per annum, this was increased to £80 on the 29th September 1935, the landlord was The Bristol Brewery Georges & Co. Limited.

Elizabeth Hobson, who was born in Sheffield, owned various pubs after she was widowed. The first was the Millstone at Hathersage in Derbyshire, and then, after her daughter married and moved to Bristol, she took the Terminus Hotel. After the war, she moved to the New Inn at Coalpit Heath, and finally took the Berkeley Castle, before retiring to Weston Super Mare. Her predecessor as licencee at the Berkeley Castle, Alwyn Biggin, had married her sister, Elsie May, and she took over the licence when Alwyn and Elsie emigrated to New Zealand. This information was kindly provided by Ian Johnson.

Census 1851.

Clement Warley 45, head married, time keeper, Somerset Wrington
Emma Warley 41, wife married, green grocer, Gloucestershire Almondsbury
Rhoda Warley 13, daughter scholar, Bristol
Emma Warley 9, daughter scholar, Bristol
Lydia Warley 3, daughter, Bristol
Caroline Daniell 36, lodger unmarried, governess, Bristol
Susan Moore 65, lodger unmarried, annuitant, Bristol
Harriet Shedick 18, servant unmarried, general servant, Somerset Nailsea

Census 1861.

Clement Warley 56, head married, beer retailer and shopkeeper, Somersetshire Blagdon
Emma Warley 54, wife married, Gloucestershire Almondsbury
Emma Warley 19, daughter unmarried, dressmaker, Bristol
Lydia Warley 12, daughter scholar, Bristol

Census 1871.

Sarah Warley 48, head widow, beer retailer, Chewton Mendip Somerset

Census 1881.

John Pope 57, head married, beerhouse keeper, pensioner sergeant major chelsea hospital, Bristol
Ann Pope 44, wife married, Gibralter British subject
Amelia Pope 21, daughter unmarried, assisting in house duties, East Indies British Subject
Frederick Pope 17, son unmarried, pupil teacher unemployed, Kent Melton Gravesend
Julia Pope 12, daughter scholar, Middlesex London
Kate Pope 9, daughter scholar, Somerset Bristol
Harriet Pope 7, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire Bristol
Percival Pope 5, son scholar, Gloucestershire Bristol

Census 1891.

George E. Bowden 31, head married, beer retailer and cab owner, Wiltshire Devizes
Jemima Bowden 32, wife married, Gloucestershire Almondsbury
George E. J. Bowden 7, son scholar Bristol
May L. Bowden 4, daughter, Bristol
Lily M. Bowden 2, daughter, Bristol
Emily M. Bowden 1, daughter, Bristol

Census 1901.

William L. Lintern 44, head married, innkeeper, England
Martha Lintern 45, wife married, England
Alice Lintern 21, daughter single, assistant to innkeeper (barmaid) South Australia
Florence Lintern 17, daughter single, assistant to innkeeper (barmaid) South Australia
Frederick Lintern 16, son single, waiter at railway station, South Australia
Thomas Lintern 13, son, South Australia
Clifford Lintern 5, son, South Australia

Census 1911.

Francis G. Staples 56, head married, publican, Kenn Somerset
Sarah Staples 50, wife married, Road Somerset
Eveylin Staples 15, daughter, St.Paul’s Bristol

On the death of Clement Warley his widow Sarah continued at the pub, later marrying Robert Burgoyne, Robert ran the pub until 1873 when retired sergeant major John Pope took the Berkeley Castle on a five year lease, John’s tenancy commenced on the 4th June 1873 and the annual rent was £40 payable quarterly. In September 1877 John Pope bought the freehold to the Berkeley Castle and adjoining dwelling house. When Mr. Pope retired in 1888 the pub was put up for auction, the successful bidder was The Bristol Brewery Georges & Co. Ltd.


All that well established licensed house and premises known as

“The Berkeley Castle,”

Situate near Catherine Place, in Stokes Croft Road, at the top of Stokes Croft in the City of Bristol, with the large covered yard at the side; together with the goodwill, licenses, possession, trade fixtures, utensils, and other effects as per inventory.

And also all that commodious

Dwelling House,

Situate in the rear of and adjoining the said licensed premises.

The premises occupy a commanding position in a respectable, healthy, and populous neigbourhood. They have a frontage to the main road of 33½ feet or thereabouts, and stand on a commodious area, affording ample room for the erection of additional buildings.

The whole is freehold and entirely free from ground rent.

The licensed premises comprise a most commodious bar and bar parlour; and in the dwelling house are two parlours, kitchen and back kitchen, with boiler, &c., and upstairs 3 good bedrooms, with excellent cupboards.

At the side is a capital covered yard, with entrance from the main road by a pair of gates.

The roofs (new last year) and drains are in first rate condition.

The vendor has for many years occupied the premises, and has carried on there a good and increasing busines, from which he is now retiring with a competence, and the whole will be handed over to the purchaser as a going concern in the full sense of the word. A considerable part of the purchase money can, if desired, remain on mortgage of the property. Further particulars may be obtained from the auctioneer, Rupert Street, or from

Mr. Edward Thomas, Solicitor, 11 Small Street, Bristol

What follows is an inventory of the fixtures, trade utensils, and other effects to be included in the sale of the above freehold property 6th day of December 1888

5 lip quart cups
5 straight cups
18 straight pint cups
12 lip pint cups
10 ½ pint glasses
14 small glasses
4 blue cider cups
8 blue ½ pint cups
Quart pewter measure
Pint pewter measure
½ pint pewter measure
Tin funnel
8 brass taps
4 tin drips
3 tobacco jars
Small stool
Galvanised tub
Painted fittings and horse at back of bar with the plate glass pilasters and shelf
6 zinc fronts for casks
Large bronze T light
The painted counter with door and shelves, till &c As fixed
6 foot mahogany settle with 2 elbow rests
The painted settle as fixed 7 foot high
The painted and grained lobby at entrance with glazed door and spring as fixed
2 mahogany tables
Small fender
3 iron rods and 3 curtains as fixed to window
2 beer horses
1 mallet

Partition in two parts with iron stays as fixed
Painted settle about 6½ feet with 2 weather boards
2 rail back seats 6½ feet each
2 deal tables
4 iron spitoons
1 gas pendant
iron fender
tin warmer

In Shed At Side Of House.
3 wood forms
Wood tun pail
27 gallon cider cask
1 shelf as fixed
8 puncheons
1 racking tap
pair of (6) steps
1 gas bracket
1 globe lamp and iron work for front of house
(16) round ladder
Garden frames as fixed

In The Conservatory.
6 shelves as fixed

In Dwelling House.
The dresser with 3 drawers as fixed
The iron stove and piping as fixed in back kitchen
1 sliding pendant
3 brackets as fixed

Georges & Co. Bristol Brewery Company Limited.
Hereby acknowledge that at the sale by auction this 6th day of December 1888, of the property mentioned in the within particulars and conditions of sale, I was the highest bidder for, and was declared the purchaser of the property, at the price of £1775, and that I have paid the price of £175 by way of deposit and in part payment of the purchase money to Mr. Edward Thomas, as solicitor and agent for the vendor, and I agree to pay the remainder of the purchase money, and to complete the purchase according to the foregoing particulars and conditions. And I, the undersigned Edward Thomas, as agent for Mr. John Pope, the vendor, hereby confirm the said sale, and acknowledge the receipt of the said deposit.